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We are what we Worship: Idols and their Makers

by Uri Brito

John Calvin

Calvin c. 1554.

Human beings are a marketable people. Those who shop around for us see our lifestyles and develop an entire strategy aimed at purchasing our wants at an exceedingly rapid speed. But not only are we easily bought, we are also very creative. We are idol-makers, to quote Calvin’s famous line. We are industrious, and the consequences of our hard work are a boost to the Baal factories and stock.

Unfortunately, this type of productivity is not encouraging. St. John quietly, but forcefully exhorted us in the last verse of I John to keep ourselves from idols. We have not heeded the apostle’s words. We have approached the idols and bargained with them about producing an entire new line of idol fashion and idol currency. We take the idol money and invest it into our own companies. We are good at what we do. In fact, we produce the best idols in town. We make them in all colors and shapes. We sell them at a discount during the Christmas holidays. All we want is for everyone to share in our pleasures. We make idols and the idols make us. We are what we worship. The more we consume the more marketable we become for the more sophisticated idol seller. We become like the gods. We treasure their style. They roam around speechless and blind, and we perceive that to be the new fad.

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The Messianic Character of American Politics

During the Soul Train awards telecast last night, Jamie Foxx declared his undying allegiance to his Messiah. But this is not the Creator of Heaven and Earth confessed by the apostolic church, rather, as Foxx enthusiastically declared: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama.” If we were following Pauline logic, one would conclude that Foxx referred to God as Barack Obama.

M. Catharine Evans wrote on the American Thinker that the biblically saturated language describing Obama is actually the hallmark of Marxist thought: “If delusions of grandeur were good enough for Marx in 1848 they’re good enough for Obama in 2012.”

As examples of this messianic language, consider writer Ezra Klein who said before Obama was elected in 2008: “He is not the Word made flesh but the triumph of the word over flesh.” Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called his neighbor the Messiah. A Danish newspaper pronounced Obama “greater than Jesus.” The first lady Michelle Obama once declared of her husband: “This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light.”

But this is 2012. Though Obama was re-elected convincingly, traces of his messianic character are all but gone. After all, to quote Quin Hillyer: “The parade of abuses, incompetencies, extravagances, and illegalities goes on and on.” The reality, however, for Obama’s supporters is that like the death of his first four years in office, the second four years promises to be done in resurrection style. The promises are many. The gifts are abundant. The deliverance will be great. Watch and see for he will come just as a thief in the night!

Who are we kidding?

Obama is the paragon of incompetency. Hollywood’s worship of Obama is simply a further witness to the moral decay and Constitutional illiteracy of most in this nation. Obama is certainly a savior. He delivers people from misery to misery.

The messianic character of American politics is a mere reflection of a people who trust in horses and chariots, and who have bowed their knees to a false deliverer.

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