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DOMA & Gay “Marriage” – a Christian Evaluation

Guest Post by Ben Rossell

In the aftermath of the SCOTUS DOMA ruling, here are 7 points to help us understand why we are where we are and 7 things Christians should do about it.

1. Heterosexual couples destroyed the sanctity of marriage long before the gay rights movement hit the mainstream. “I have two dads, you know.” This is what a young boy I know recently told me. His words struck me. I knew they were true. But I’d never thought of it … like THAT before. His birth parents divorced while he was an infant [for what I believe were sound, Biblical reasons]. His mother went on to remarry a fine Christian man and so, like so many other boys around, he has “two dads”. Why should we think it so odd that this trend continue, though now with the ruthless efficiency of eliminating the mother altogether? A long time ago, our society began to deliberately streamline the process by which a man or woman can dissolve the oath they had previously made before God, church, family, community, and state to stay united until death.  And for decades, the process of oath-breaking has been made more and more convenient.  At this point in our history, “the sanctity of marriage” is nothing more than a hollow-sounding phrase; a string of words that used to mean something.

2. The Heterosexual promiscuity paved the yellowbrick road on which gay rights activists now march – the What young people really mean when they say “Don’t tell THEM what THEY can’t do in THEIR bedroom” is “Don’t tell ME what I can’t do in MY bedroom”.  This is what ‘the pill’ is all about.  What we see today is the fruiting of seeds that were planted fifty years ago and have been faithfully watered and fertilized ever since. Pulling levers and pushing buttons isn’t going to change that or stop what has been in motion for so long. But being faithful will… eventually. This is a bitter fruit, but the story is far from over.   Read more…


What’s In a Name?

by Peter Jones

Naming is an essential part of the human experience. We all place names on things around us. That is a car. That is a Toyota Sienna minivan. That is a 2001 tan Toyota Sienna minivan with three dents in the hatch. And on and on it goes. We follow after our Creator who named the night, the day, the sun, the moon, and man. But he did not just name things as nouns, he also declared them to be good or very good. After the fall he named things good or bad, righteous or unrighteous. The Scriptures explicitly forbid us from calling good evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20). The Christian life is one of naming things correctly.

In our postmodern era, it is hard to hold this line. Our world is a complicated one. Things were simple once, back in the day. But now we have become more aware of the overwhelming complexity of this world. Names used to be so obvious. But we were deceived then. There used to be truth that we could name, but now there are only truths, socially constructed ideas that help us name our various realities.  We used to know a woman from a man. Now is it a woman or man? Who knows? Read more…

Homosexual Brutes and Christian Veneration of the Military


By Andrew Isker

A recent report estimates that there were 26,000 sexual assaults of U.S. servicemen by other servicemen in 2012, which also showed that 14,000 of the 26,000 victims were male and 98% of the assailants were male. Most of us have heard that sexual assault within the US military has been a problem for several years now, but widespread male victimhood is a new development. Given the recent major policy shift within the United States Military regarding sex (the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), and how rampant sexual assault had been within the U.S. Military, this is only a shock to those whose minds are warped by politically correct tolerance. It would seem that homosexuality in the military is more in accord with Genesis 19 than popular perception would have us believe. After all, brutishness is not one of the characteristics our thought-controllers want us to associate with homosexuals. They would prefer we believed every homosexual is an intelligent-but-quirky, eccentric, easily-bullied and easily-marginalized, effeminate, lovable loser, rather than anyone nasty. That there are violent homosexuals who would rape other men simply does not comport with the worldview that we are constantly pressured to accept. This survey begins to unravel that. In today’s U.S. Military, homosexual rape is not an outlier—it is epidemic. 

As American society increasingly rejects the gospel, a natural consequence of this is that the culture has become increasingly sexualized and increasingly violent. As Romans 1 tells us, this is not just a consequence of sin, but is itself a judgment. That the military, naturally, given the nature of the work, often attracts violent men, is nothing new. In fact, that should seem pretty obvious. Fornication too, has historically been associated with military life. For example, all one has to do is look up the etymology of the word “hooker,” or research venereal disease statistics among the U.S. Military during World Wars One and Two. Of course, such fornication was never really celebrated by the larger society then as it is now—we now live in a sex-crazed nation. Now, imagine a community of 1.6 million people, where there is acceptance and even celebration of homosexual fornication (and by extension, there is unquestioned acceptance of heterosexual fornication), a culture in which everyone is conditioned to not even question those in authority over them (much less disobey them), a portion of the population is made up of convicts who had the choice between being there or being in prison, and everyone works for a company whose ultimate goal is to be able to kill as many people as possible. What could possibly go wrong? 

That sexual assault is prevalent in the military should come as no surprise to us, especially given our cultural situation. However, when looking at the raw numbers, compare the number of alleged sexual assaults in the U.S. each year (one for every 2500 people) to the data in this DoD survey, which states there is one alleged sexual assault for every fifty active duty service-members. Sexual assault isn’t just more common in the military; it is perhaps fifty times(!) more common in the U.S. military. This is shocking.

So what does this mean for Christians? Well, maybe we shouldn’t universally venerate the military as a whole anymore. Would it be so outrageous to say that the fact that rape is so rampant within the U.S. military is a judgment of God on the U.S. military? Of course, it should go without saying that every Christian knows several servicemen who are faithful, godly men, and we should be thankful for our brethren and that God has placed them there. But maybe we shouldn’t universally and uncritically revere the military as a whole. Maybe we shouldn’t throw out blanket statements like “God bless the troops” and “thank you for your service” during the civic religious holidays anymore. Now, I’m not encouraging Christians to boo soldiers, spit on them, and call them rapists and baby-killers as they march by in the Fourth of July parade. Jesus wouldn’t even do that to Roman soldiers. I’m not even saying we should not be thankful that there are men willing to defend their neighbors, even if the wars they fight in might be unjust. I am simply saying that as the culture deteriorates, at a certain point, we Christians will have to stop our quasi-religious veneration of the military. And perhaps we have reached that point. 


Some Straight Skinny on Crooked Thinking

We serve an exponential God. He who made everything out of nothing does not increase through addition, but through multiplication. We move from faith to faith, from grace to grace, from blessing to blessing. The more we grow in grace the more blessed we are. The more blessed we are, the more we grow in grace. All of this reaches its crescendo when we reach eternity. We will be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

This exponential reality, however, applies to His woe as well as to His weal, to cursings as it does to blessings.  For those yet outside of Christ one of the gravest judgments over sin is being given over to sin. Those outside the kingdom find themselves circling ever lower toward that vortex that is the Lake of Fire. Consider Pharaoh. Here is a man deeply blessed of God, not only made the ruler of the greatest empire the world had ever seen, but blessed with an entire nation of priests to instruct him. He, however, remembered Joseph not, and hardening his heart, enslaved those priests, God’s people. So God hardened his heart and in His grace sent a prophet. Pharaoh’s heart already hardened, he would not hear God and hardened his heart. God returned the favor once again. Read more…

Why Christians – and Not “Gay Marriage”- Are Destroying America

Recently, Douglas Wilson held a debate with Andrew Sullivan on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Blogs have been unraveling the debate, including one written by Wilson’s colleague Peter Leithart. While I am usually appreciative of Leithart’s insights, his thoughts this time left me wanting. I understand that academics typically ask more questions than give answers, but in this case Leithart seems to be steering the conversation in the wrong direction.

Wilson v Sullivan

“I came away from a debate on gay marriage between Douglas Wilson and Andrew Sullivan deeply impressed with the difficulties that Christians have, and will continue to have, defending a biblical view of marriage to the American public. It will take nothing short of a cultural revolution for biblical arguments to be heard, much less to become persuasive.” Read more…

The Battle in Bear Country » Sullivan v Wilson: Is Civil Marriage for Gay Couples Good for Society?

The University of Idaho hosted a public debate, to a crowd of over 800, on February 27, 2013. The debate was participated in by Andrew Sullivan, blogger and former senior editor of The Atlantic, and Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church of Moscow, ID, author and educator. The topic of the debate: Is Civil Marriage for Gay Couples Good for Society?

Battle of the Beards

Battle of the Beards

Read more…

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