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Time Magazine Names Rand Paul Most Influential

by Adam McIntosh

Time Magazine has named Rand Paul among the 100 most influential people in the world. This comes at no surprise given the level of attention Paul has garnered during his service in the U.S. Senate. The media loves controversy and Paul is certainly no stranger to it. Whether it is over balanced budgets, civil rights, airport security, military intervention or protecting children from murder, he is not afraid to defend his moral and constitutional convictions. The sad part is that such convictions are considered controversial in the first place. The good part is that Paul is recognized as having an influence on the nation. Under his listing in the magazine, Sarah Palin writes: randtime

…Sen. Rand Paul is a voice of reason awakening the public to what must be done to restore our prosperity and preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations. His brand of libertarian-leaning conservatism attracts young voters, and recently he inspired the nation with his Capraesque filibuster demanding basic answers about our use of drones.”

In the last two days Paul has questioned John Kerry on foreign aid and Janet Napolitano on airline security. I doubt he’ll get very far in convincing those two of anything. But if he can inspire young people and evangelical conservatives like Palin, then perhaps we can look for his influence to be most evident in the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. For all our sakes, let’s hope so!  Read more…

Romney’s Loss: The Ron Paul Factor

by Adam McIntosh

As expected, I’ve already seen numerous Facebook posts blaming Ron Paul supporters for Romney’s defeat on election night. Since the majority of Paul supporters abstained or voted third party, it is concluded that they swung the election in Obama’s favor. How ironic, that after being marginalized and cheated during the primary process, now they supposedly decided the election! Yes, there were those who tried guilt-tripping Paul’s base to vote for Romney, despite all of his shenanigans. But not even Rand Paul’s endorsement could convince Paul supporters to seal the deal for Romney.

The question must be asked: if Paul’s supporters are so large as to swing an election, then why wouldn’t Romney reach out to them? It’s as though Romney thought he could beat Obama with the evangelical vote alone, while running on Obama’s weaknesses alone. Neither strategy is beneficial to winning an election. Romney refused to reach out to Paul supporters, independents, third party voters, and anti-war voters. He never positioned himself as different from Obama in any significant sense. If blame is to be placed anywhere, it is with him and his campaign.

Obama’s re-election is no surprise to Paul supporters. Since the beginning of the primary season, they had been saying that Paul was the candidate most likely to beat Obama in a general election. Fox News panelists agreed that the GOP couldn’t win without Paul’s supporters (see here and here). Romney never cared to heed that advice.

So, would Romney have won with the Ron Paul vote? We’ll never know. But it’s a fact that he was unelectable without it.

What Happened in Maine?

Liberal columnist Paul Krugman recognizes what happened:

Oh, wow. It turns out that caucuses in some parts of Maine were postponed — and then told that their votes wouldn’t count. And yes, it does seem that the disenfranchised caucuses were the least pro-Romney.

So maybe Romney didn’t actually win Maine, after all.

Trouble for Romney in Maine

The BangorDailyNews writes:

After defeats Tuesday in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, Romney’s campaign is bracing for the possibility of more bad news in Maine, where Republicans will announce the results of a weeklong series of caucuses Saturday and where Romney’s TV presence has been virtually nonexistent. Ron Paul has made a strong play for Maine, making it essentially a two-man contest since Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum aren’t actively competing there.

A victory for Paul would make him the fourth candidate to take a Republican contest so far. And the prospect of four consecutive weak performances for Romney raises questions about his durability as the GOP leader absent a barrage of attack ads lobbed at his foes.

Ron Paul moves to second place

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday:

The former Massachusetts governor’s three rivals in the race to oppose Democratic President Barack Obama in November were in a virtual tie for second, the poll showed. The gaps between the three were within the poll’s margin of error.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s support grew by 5 percentage points to 21 percent, moving him into second place and ahead of former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich, whose support slipped to 19 percent from 20 percent.

FOX NEWS: We Report and We Decide

Ron Paul at 24% in New Hampshire

Ron Paul Finishes Third In Iowa. What happened tonight and where do we go from here?

Ron Paul finished a third place in the Iowa Caucuses. Early in the evening, there was a general sense of optimism as Paul took the lead in the beginning of the count. With 96% of the votes in, it appears Rick Santorum might win by a slim margin over Mitt Romney. Michelle Bachmann–who came in first in the Iowa straw poll– finished in last place (technically ahead of Hunstman, who did not run a campaign in Iowa). Bachmann’s disastrous finish may signal the end of her run.  Rick Perry, who ended in fifth, will now return to Texas to see if there is a future for his campaign. Sunday’s debate may be a lot smaller.

Santorum’s victory will most likely propel him to the center stage in this Sunday’s debate in New Hampshire. Gingrich, who ended in fourth place, has begun his NH tour by condemning Paul’s foreign policy; a sign that Paul is still alive and well in this campaign.

Paul’s third place finish is not precisely what many expected, since Paul was counted to be among the top two. Despite a third place finish, Paul has the money and organization to continue strong in future states (Ron Paul’s speech). Beyond that, he may have won important delegates for the Republican convention.

Paul holds a second place in NH behind Romney who has taken a considerable lead. He will have to continue to harp his foreign policy message in the Live-Free-or-Die state of a strong national defense, no nation-building, no over-reaction to Iran, and a sober view of Middle East politics, and emphasize and contrast his economic policy from other candidates.

The GOP candidates share great similarity on a number of issues, but the two central issues at stake are the War and Economy. Ron Paul is actually fighting for the Taft/non-interventionist paleo-conservative tradition of war. And on the economy, Paul is arguing that only the Austrian school is a reliable theory to combat the deficit spending in Washington and the crony capitalism embraced by the bailout advocates within the GOP. Over the years, Paul has led the charge on auditing the Fed; a noble charge that has rallied a vast number of people. He has also proposed a bold plan to cut one trillion dollars in the first year.

Where do we go from here?

Paul’s third place finish is a remarkable achievement. In 2008, Paul finished a distant fourth, and now he is among the top three contenders. This is a strong finish (over 25,000 votes). Paul is still in the race and has the money to compete in NH and SC. Gingrich has already begun to attack Paul. Santorum–who will not compete in Virginia– will receive closer scrutiny, and Romney will be attacked repeatedly by Gingrich and others. The Keynesians are still feeling the wound caused by Paul’s Austrian’s spear.

Politico declares ERROR

Politico ‘breaking news’ report botches Des Moines Register poll results

Read more:

Steve Deace Endorses Newt Gingrich

The famed Iowa talk show host, Steve Deace, has officially endorsed Newt Gingrich.

Steve has done a fine job over the last few months to educate the public on a host of issues. He even had Tom Woods as guest to defend Ron Paul. Woods worked hard to get Steve to consider the Texas Congressman. But Deace chose to go with the one candidate who is now in fourth place in the latest poll. For Deace, I give him kudos for voting for his convictions no matter how low (convictions and polling) Gingrich’s may be. In 2007, poll numbers did not look good for Paul, but yet many of us still supported Paul out of principle (yes, they still matter). On the other hand, Deace argued that Paul was one of two candidates “offering a real means by which to actually undo that which the Left has done to this country for the past 50 years, and not just conservative platitudes.” Of course, what turned him off to Paul was his stance on Iran. Deace argues Paul is naive on foreign policy.

I have worked hard to show again and again that Paul’s foreign policy is one of freedom. It is rooted in the Just War Theory of the early church and highly endorsed by the founding fathers. It was George Washington’s farewell address that cautioned this nation not to enter into entangling alliances, rather peace and friendship as alternatives. But “the Constitution is just too archaic for a world that has changed,” many argue. Yet, many well known scholars argue that the founding fathers and their principles are not dead. Robert Pape, Chalmers Johnson, Andrew Bacevich, Justin Raimondo, and so many others have spoken unequivocally about blowback. America’s past has left the seeds of unintended consequences, which are now bearing fruits of destruction. We have no one to blame, but the political leaders in Washington who have entered into wars carelessly without any regard for congress, or the rule of law.

But in this contested race, many republican leaders (talk show hosts included) are not really that interested in reading actual details of U.S. foreign policy. They entangle themselves in emotional reasoning: “They hate us because of our freedom.” It is a preferable argument than to dig into the lengthy conclusions of the CIA who stated that American bases in Saudi Arabia was the reason given by the suicide bombers and bin Laden for bombing us in 9-11. Or, Michael Sheuer, former head of the bin Laden unit, who has stated that America’s policies are making us less safe.

In the end, many will listen to Deace. I like the guy. He seems honest and humble. But unfortunately he has fallen for the false rhetoric of a politician who has been accurately described as a serial hypocrite.

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