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Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Despite Aggression

McDurmon summarizes: reports a statement released by the Paul campaign after its supporters overcame further attempts at cheating by the GOP establishment, then physical assaults, and won most of the delegates anyway:

“The Ron Paul campaign condemns the unfortunate activities that took place at the Louisiana Republican State Convention in Shreveport.

“However, we also wish to highlight and applaud the fact that the convention ended on a high note reflective of the cooperation all Republicans wish to see toward the mutual aim of defeating President Obama in the November general election.

“The unnecessary conflict, and positive conclusion as we understand it, transpired as follows.

“LAGOP officials ignored the vast majority of duly elected delegates and attempted to use illegally adopted rules to deny Ron Paul supporters an opportunity to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Louisiana has 46 delegates. Five were pledged to Mitt Romney based on the March 23rd primary result and Rick Santorum received 10, meaning most delegates were contestable at the state convention.

“Delegates to the state convention were chosen at caucus meetings on April 28th. Ron Paul slates won four of six congressional district contests. Of the approximately 180 delegates attending the state convention, 113 voted to remove the LAGOP chairman when he failed to respond to requests for information and other motions from delegates. Nearly two-thirds of the delegates began physically moving their chairs, literally turning their back on the GOP chair appointed by the party hierarchy.

“In another instance, State Central Committeeman and Ron Paul supporter Henry Herford Jr. of Franklin Parrish was attacked by some security officials who didn’t realize that the body had voted out the previous chairman. Mr. Herford has a prosthetic hip and according to a doctor at the scene it appears as though the prosthetic was dislocated and may require replacement. The injury occurred as he was beginning to call to order the newly re-formed convention.

“In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport police and released. During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane.

“By 10:50 a.m. today, the newly formed convention completed its work. Newly-elected national delegates met with the Romney campaign’s Louisiana Chairman, Scott Sewell, who graciously said ‘that he supported the effort and would do everything he could to make sure the delegation was seated’ in Tampa.

Ron Paul Wins Minnesota

Paul’s victory means 32 of Minnesota’s 40 national delegates will now be committed to Paul at this summer’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. The libertarian-leaning GOP candidate is remaining in the presidential race to compete for delegates in the hopes of shaping the convention and influencing the party platform. {Read the Rest}

Ron Paul is NOT out!

Great word by the Southern Avenger.

The Delegate Strategy of Ron Paul

“Ron Wins Big”, says the Christian Science Monitor. One political insider concluded:

“I think he’s being very careful because he knows how important the Ron Paul voters are – they obviously represent a very different dynamic,” Mike Dennehy, a former top aide to Republican John McCain‘s 2008 campaign, told the AP. “They are the most passionate and the most frustrated of any voters heading to the polls. And many of them are independents.”

The Paulites are Coming

Slowly, but surely, Paul is gaining the media’s respect at the last leg of this Republican campaign. Paul will be the last man standing after Gingrich drops out this week. The American Spectator concludes:

But even when they were disappointed by their popular vote totals, Paul supporters stayed behind and tried to win delegates at the low-turnout state and congressional district conventions. This cost-effective insurgent strategy seemed stalled, but now appears to be finally paying some dividends.

Many other Republicans are demoralized. The near-certain nominee doesn’t excite them. There are fewer high-profile Tea Party primaries than two years ago. The other conservative presidential candidates have been beaten.

Ron Paul’s supporters remain. They are still trying to win delegates and reshape the Republican Party.

Ron Paul Winning More Delegates

Says, Doug Wead.

GOP Leader Conspiracy to Block Paul Supporters

Honesty is always helpful, unless it is to hide your main intention.


Ron Paul and the Virgin Islands

Hey, it’s not a major victory. It may actually be a one delegate victory, but the man with the most radical budget proposal in U.S. history just took the Virgin Islands.

The Name of the Game is Delegates

But none of these delegate counters properly estimate how the caucuses will allocate their delegates. According to the Paul campaign, Ron is well positioned to win 50% of the delegates in Iowa, 75% in Minnesota, 50% in Colorado, and 75% in Maine. So what is likely to be the true delegate count once the caucus states select their national delegates?

Add together the bound delegates from New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada, and extrapolate the caucus states’ delegates using the Paul campaign’s estimates and you get:

Total Delegates (IA, NH, SC, FL, NV, MN, CO, ME)
Romney: 93 (6, 7, 2, 50, 14, 2, 7, 5)
Paul: 82 (13, 3, 0, 0, 5, 28, 17, 16)
Gingrich: 29 (0, 0, 23, 0, 6, 0, 0, 0)
Santorum: 25 (6, 0, 0, 0, 3, 7, 9, 0)
Unpledged: 14 (3, 2, 0, 0, 0, 3, 3, 3)

{read the rest}

Where will Iowa Delegates go?

Assuming Santorum will not make the long journey to the White House, where will his delegates go? Influential nationally syndicated Talk show host, Steve Deace, writes this on twitter:

If I had to guess…Iowa’s delegates in June will eventually be rewarded to either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul

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