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Mother of Ten: “Abandon the slavery of the coercive boot camp of the state.”

Carmon Friedrich started with “We are often told we have freedom of choice in this country, but in things that really matter, our choices are growing increasingly limited.”

She is pointing out the apparent hypocrisy in the current political climate to favor a woman’s right to an abortion, but not the right to choose “to control our lives.”

Listen to how this homeschool mom breaks apart the “pro-choice” argument liberals cling to regarding abortion but discard when it comes to other choices.

“We have all been told that the State knows what’s best for us and our families, and this is an absolute truth that we are not to question. Thus, an entire generation of people think the limited choices they are given are their only choice. They’ve been promised liberty to entice them into bondage, to blind them to their chains.

The route to free choice, for men and women, starts at home. It begins when we don’t have Big Brother mandating what is for dinner, what to teach our children, or even removing the choice to have those children at all, through explicit or implicit policies that make it difficult to sustain family life.

We must return again to the nurture and love of family and community, and abandon the slavery of the coercive boot camp of the state.”

Read the full transcript here:

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