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The SCOTUS Decision and the Christian Future

by Uri Brito

Christians are called to be a future-oriented people. This is easy to forget when we see clear judicial reversals of what God has judicially declared. The SCOTUS decision does not change what is, it simply re-enforces that what is is not cherished. When “what-is” is not cherished, people seek out that which is not.

The Creator established a pattern for all of history. He established condemnations attached with those who attempt to usurp that divine pattern (Rom. 1). The pattern which God has created let no man put asunder. Scalia’s dissent brilliantly summarized the undoing of this pattern:

“Some might conclude that this loaf could have used a while longer in the oven. But that would be wrong; it is already overcooked. The most expert care in preparation cannot redeem a bad recipe.”

Untrained cooks are raving about this new recipe. Though overcooked, it is still the flavor of the day. This is the out-working of that very first sin. As C.S. Lewis observed:

Through pride the devil became the devil. Pride leads to every vice, it’s the complete anti-God state of mind.

And speaking of anti-God state of mind, mainline churches are celebrating today’s ruling with the same enthusiasm as the vocal LBGT community.  The InterFaith Alliance President the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy issued the following statement celebrating today’s Supreme Court decisions:

The enormity of today’s decisions cannot be overstated. The combined impact of these two rulings puts our nation further down the inevitable and proper path towards full marriage equality for the LGBT community. All Americans should rejoice in today’s decisions because they bring us that much closer to fulfilling the promise of our Constitution. I am hopeful that today’s decision striking down DOMA as unconstitutional and overturning the Proposition 8 case on standing will be followed by continued victories in this fight for equality. That a majority of the Court recognized in the DOMA case that this was an issue of equal protection denied is no small victory.

The IRS, on the other hand, is in panic mode. Though nationally distrusted, now it is going to have to create two tax regimes:

One system, for couples in states where same-sex marriage is recognized, will allow gays and lesbians to file their tax returns jointly, exclude them from paying taxes on their spouse’s estate and clear them to contribute together to health savings and flexible spending accounts. The other system, for couples in states that don’t recognize same-sex marriage, wouldn’t allow such benefits.

The law does get complicated when the equality trumpet is sounded in a minor key. Ultimately, this is not about civil rights, this is about imposing one right: the right to call evil good and good evil. And these advocates will not rest until their agenda is accepted at a national level. We all know that California has not only bitten the garden fruit, but devoured it. The serpent did not even need subtlety in his argument. However, persuading the nation, that is another story. And as long as there are ten righteous, God will not destroy us.

We are a future-oriented people. And we should always be. Jesus has not relinquished his throne to a perverted Caesar. He is still king of kings and Lord of marriage. His marriage is still to a female bride. And while Hollywood cheers on this ruling, we should be saying “bring it on!” The prophets of Baal may eat well at Jezebel’s table. They may conspire against us and the Lord’s anointed, but when they are finished God will laugh for the future is his.

Uri Brito is the founder of Kuyperian Commentary.

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5 thoughts on “The SCOTUS Decision and the Christian Future

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  2. Rob Griffith on said:

    You make a reference to Sodom, yet when you say “God will not destroy us” are you referring to the Church or to the country? To say the Church is obvious… God will jealously protect His bride. The country is another thing. In the case of Sodom, Abraham was bartering (so to speak). In the case of Israel and Judah, both went in to captivity, lost all autonomous identity and their city and temple were destroyed (twice); all this despite the fact that a faithful remnant always remained – at least ten anyway.

    This nation and its systems may or may not descend into the oblivion of Christ’s judgment during This Age. We certainly have earned it by turning away from founding principles based on righteousness found in Judeo-Christian teaching. I’m not a theonomist so I wouldn’t say that we have a responsibility as a nation to reflect in our laws all Biblical principles; but when we move away from Common Grace, away from justice, away from Biblical order…. and when we move towards oppression and embrace as a society the more ‘heinous’ sins in Scripture, I daresay we do invite with open arms the wrath of God.

    In contrast to the power of God for salvation, Romans 1 outlines the depth of wrath reserved against ungodly men who suppress the truth and, knowing full well what they were doing, became idolaters. Their lives are characterized by foolishness and futility and by calling evil good and good evil. This is what we have become. Maybe our end will be, as GK Beale describes, becoming like our idols – mute, blind and dumb. If so, it is surely our judgement. What that looks like as a culture, I’m not sure.

    I fear, in terms of this country and its survival, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Though it is a thought full of arrogance, I understand the mis-identification of America with the plan of salvation found in the purpose of Israel. Most American Christians simply see their church as the savior of the world and should America fall, Christ must soon return because, of course, we are the ‘”be all, end all.” Well, in contrast with other nations (not all), America HAS been given much. We were set up with principles that were designed to support righteousness and justice and not impede it. What, then, is required of us? And what will be required of us in the face of the last decade’s significant cultural shift away from Godly principle.

    If we survive as a people (speaking of America now) it will only be by the grace of God overlooking the flagrant middle finger that we have shoved in His face. “Thanks for the start… but we can take it from here. We know better.” Sounds familiar….

    {btw, I have another thesis rolling around in my head about why this is the greatest moment in church history in the last 200 years. I need to find the time to write it. Love you, bro. ;-)}

    • Thanks for your gracious reply. I concur that a distinction needs to be made. I am a theocrat, so I know the end of the story and by what means that end will look like, at the same time I strongly oppose any form of utopian vision that makes the U.S. outside God’s judgment. yes, pain will come, but the faithfulness of only a few churches may keep God from pouring judgment on this country in the ways he poured on other nations. Please opine often and spread the word. Always delightful to hear from you.

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