The Kuyperian Commentary

Politics, Economics, Culture, and Theology with a Biblical Viewpoint

Founder’s Note

By Uri Brito

Kuyperian Commentary exists to provide what Abraham Kuyper referred to as the principle of antithesis. Those in his day who opposed the mixing of religion and politics were his natural ideological enemies. Kuyper is considered the father of Neo-Calvinism. His influence has shaped the minds of many of the greatest thinkers in this last century, including Herman Dooyeweerd. Others that have been influenced by Kuyper include Francis SchaefferCornelius Van TilAlvin PlantingaNicholas Wolterstorff.

We do not claim that Kuyper’s sphere sovereignty took the correct direction at every stage, nor that his political endeavors were always successful, but we do claim that his theology of antithesis is the clearest philosophical basis for rejecting political neutrality. For this reason and many others, we dedicate these articles to his name and legacy.



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3 thoughts on “Founder’s Note

  1. Someone ought to write about his mentor Groen Van Prinsteter and especially his Lectures on Unbelief and Revolution

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