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Gosnell Verdict: Victory or Defeat?

by Adam McIntosh

On Monday, abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty for the first-degree murders of three babies and for the involuntary manslaughter of one female patient. Those who actually knew about Gosnell’s trial are hailing his life sentence as a victory. Pro-abortionists and pro-lifers are united in this respect, though for different reasons. Pro-abortionists cite Gosnell’s monstrous practice as an example of the “back-alley abortions” they want to prevent; while pro-lifers are overjoyed that a serial killer is unable to harm newborn-babies ever again. Not everyone is celebrating, however.

The folks over at (AHA) say the Gosnell verdict is a failure to the abolitionist movement. On their Facebook page Tuesday, an image was uploaded with the following text:

Kermit Gosnell should have been tried for 40,136 counts of murder and been found guilty for every last one of them. This trial was not a victory. It was an exoneration of mass murder.”

An image uploaded yesterday reads:

The verdict in the Gosnell trial was pro-abortion.”

In similar fashion, Students for Life of America (SFLA) released the following statement:

There are no victories here and this is far from over. The women and children Kermit Gosnell killed are still dead. The families he destroyed with his lies are still suffering. Abortion is still legal in America and is being perpetrated in the same corrupt and dirty ways Gosnell did it for 40 years. Our generation has only just begun our quest to obtain justice for the 55+ million baby girls and baby boys who have killed by legal abortion and to save untold millions more from the same fate.”

The point being made by AHA and SFLA is not one that should be dismissed. Gosnell’s verdict has nothing to do with babies being murdered in the womb. It is specifically over the killings of babies who were born alive, fully outside of the womb. The morality and legality of abortion itself is essentially a non-issue. Gosnell’s killing ritual isn’t a problem, he just went too far. This should serve as a reminder that we still have a long way to go in re-shaping the nation’s view of children, parenthood, abortionists, murder – and most importantly – its view of Life, who is none other than Jesus Christ himself.

On the other hand, I believe we would be wrong to not acknowledge God’s handiwork in this verdict. Murdering babies outside of the womb is just as evil as abortion and Gosnell deserves to be punished – it is proper and right to do so! Though he will not be punished rightly, we can rejoice that this man will no longer be a terror to the smallest and weakest of humanity. We can rejoice in the hope that people will see abortion for what it truly is and that the Church will find a renewed zeal in combating it. There is no telling how this event will shape the debate for years to come. So, rejoice! Victory doesn’t have to come all at once.

Adam McIntosh lives with his wife and daughter in Southern Illinois where he is fulfilling a pastoral internship at a local church. You may write to him here.

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4 thoughts on “Gosnell Verdict: Victory or Defeat?

  1. Peter B on said:

    Yes. I wanted to scream “IS THAT ALL?” in response to the verdict, but this is still a step in the right direction — and thanks to the publicity efforts of many individuals, people all over will begin to think about abortion in ways that have never occurred to them before.

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