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Romeike v. Hitler

by Marc Hays, homeschooling father of six.

Romeike_family_outdoorsNext Tuesday, April 23, 2013, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be hearing arguments in the Romeike v. Holder case.  The Romeikes have fled Germany and found asylum in the U.S. in order to avoid persecution by German government officials.  Based on a 1938 Nazi German law, parents are denied the fundamental human right to educate their children according to the dictates of their religion. 

This may be a glowing example of the argumentum ad hitlerium fallacy, but consider the facts.  Adolf Hitler will be one of Eric Holder’s witnesses for the prosecution against the Romeikes.  This is a human rights contest where the prosecution will posthumously call Adolf Hitler to testify on their behalf whenever German law is invoked, and the German Supreme Court’s upholding of these Nazi laws is the primary witness in Eric Holder’s case against the Romeikes.

Defense counsel, led by Michael Farris, will be quoting international law based on United Nations peace treaties that Germany and the United States have signed.  So for all the balderdash that comes out of the UN, this time the good guys actually get to use it in the fight against actual human rights violations.  To recap, Eric Holder, representing Barack Obama, is basing his arguments against the Romeikes on Adolf Hitler’s 1938 Nazi law, and Michael Farris is defending their fundamental human rights against Hitler, oops, I meant Holder, by invoking international law that was put in place to keep people like Hitler, Holder, and Obama from trampling on the most basic of human rights.

If you haven’t thanked God for Michael Farris and the HSLDA or prayed for the Romeike family recently, please stop and do that now…


Here’s some links for further study…

Thomas Kidd’s article on Kuyperian Commentary

Michael Farris’s most recent article

HSLDA Romeike update page

HSLDA Romeike Home Page

For the serious legal student, here’s the 90 page Merits Brief

Today is “Day Zero” for signing the White House Petition to stop the deportation of the Romeikes.  If you haven’t signed it and want to do something on behalf of liberty and the Romeike family, follow this link. This is the last day to sign it.


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2 thoughts on “Romeike v. Hitler

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  2. Michael on said:

    Sorry to say, but the German School law is not based on the Nazis.
    It´s based on Martin Luther, app. 400 years before Hitler.

    First German school law was published or given – do not know right term – by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I in 1717 – app. 220 years before Hitler. He wanted to get the Farmers children (Prussia was very rural and poor in that time) to school, being able to read, espacially the bible. (The King – father of Frederic II the great) was very evangelical pious,.

    In the first german republic (Weimar) in 1918 – 20 years before Hitler and the Nazis – the first federal school law for Germany has been given.

    Following the arguments above, each german law today – maybe except Internet paragraphs or else would be “NAzi” laws, because for sure, they took over the laws given before and modified them.

    Did you think about, that in the communist GDR children also have been indoctrinated as in the Sovjet Union? Why using the “Nazi” Term and additional, using wrong Facts?

    Was Martin Luther wrong claiming the German Kings and Princes building up public Schools?

    Wo do have lots of immigrants in Germany not bringing the Kids to school, thousands of children in Germany do not speak any german word.

    Sure, the parents have to decide. But: Who will justify, which decision is right?
    Where is a reason for the turkish parents not learning their children german?

    What is the subject which makes diffrerences between the Romeikes and a turkish Immigrant Family?

    But what we are able to see is:

    It is a ly and it is an affront against the People in Germany saying, that the school lay is a Nazi Law.

    By the way, Police and Firefighters siren and emergency light (Blue-light) were invented by the Nazis and are in german “Traffic law” until today.

    It´s a Nazi law, so may I ask for Asyl in the US?


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