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US Government: the anti-Christian devourer with Jihadi teeth

OBLToday, I was reading a story about some Iranians who are in trouble and could even be executed in Iran because they converted to Christianity. I’m sure this threat is real and pray they will be delivered.

But I had to wonder. The story was laced with the typical anti-Iranian rhetoric of US condemnation. I started trying to remember when was the last time I had heard of people about to be executed in Saudi Arabia or any other US ally.

By a weird coincidence (I didn’t use a search engine to find the answer to my question because I was in the middle of another project) I stumbled on a story about the Islamic persecution of Christians at Front Page Mag. And the very first clause of the lead sentence was quite revealing:

Unlike those nations, such as Saudi Arabia, that have eliminated Christianity altogether, Muslim countries with significant Christian minorities saw much persecution during the month of May…

via Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012.

And there you have it. As far as I can tell, you will rarely hear about a Christian about to be executed in Saudi Arabia because, by the time such news got out, the new believer would already be dead. Perhaps I exaggerate since some persecution has been reported, especially in 2004. But for all we know those are only few details that actually got noticed. The State Department got some promises in 2006. These promises are interesting because of what the Saudis promised to stop doing and what accountability mechanisms are put in place.

The Saudi government has promised that worship services will be allowed in private homes. Religious police will not be allowed to conduct surveillance, invade homes, confiscate private religious materials, or detain or punish suspects. In addition, Saudi leaders pledged to revise school textbooks and remove disparaging references to non-Muslims. The agreement also stipulates that teachers and imams will be retrained to preach tolerance instead of extremism. Finally, the Saudi Human Rights Commission will educate the public about human rights and assist those whose religious rights have been violated.

While proposing major changes for Saudi society, the agreement specifies no accountability system to make sure it is implemented. As a result, some believe the encouraging promises will never get off the page.

Did anything really change? All I know is that Christianity Today doesn’t seem to have received any information worth reporting in Saudi Arabia since 2007.

There are a few other stories I can find on the internet. The New American, among other stories, relates the following:

In December 2011, the Saudi religious police, known as the mutaween, arrested 35 Ethiopian Christians, 29 of them women, on charges of “illicit mingling” after the authorities raided a private prayer meeting in Jeddah. According to Human Rights Watch, some of the Christians were tortured, and the women were subjected to arbitrary body cavity searches.

In September 2012, a Saudi Arabian girl who converted to Christianity fled to Dammam, a Saudi center for petroleum and natural gas production and a major seaport. The girl was eventually granted asylum in Sweden last month, according to Dammam’s Al-Yaum newspaper.

Here are two anecdotes. The first involves foreigners in Saudi Arabia. The second involves a Saudi native. What would have happened to the girl if she had stayed in Saudi Arabia? If she had been intercepted and caught by the “religious police” before reaching Dammam, would she have ever made news? On the first, do you think Christian women receiving “body cavity searches” received as much attention in the media as it would have if it had taken place in Iran?

Is Saudi Arabia less likely to persecute Christians? Are they more likely to get away with “disappearing” Christians secretly? Or are Christians more likely to find out about the persecution going on in other, non-allied Islamic countries? Or worst of all, are American Chrisitans more likely to pay attention to bad news coming out of Iran than they are to what is happening to Christians now in Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Saudi Arabia?

So keep this in mind when you hear about the persecution of Christians in Islamic lands. There are certain pre-requisites for a country to make news due to a sudden outbreak of persecution of Christians. One of them is this: A country must have a history of tolerating a substantial Christian minority within its borders.

Think about what CNN did to Amber Lyon‘s documentary on Bahrain. Do you seriously believe there is any chance out Western Government/Media Combine is going to start allowing us to see who our Middle East allies are just as wicked, disgusting, and anti-Christian as anything we find in Iran or Syria?

So I think we should keep praying against Islam and for Christ’s kingdom. We should pray for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted and who even lose their lives. But be careful. That rage against that particular country isn’t necessarily glorifying to Christ. Your rage has a steering wheel, and the guy in the driver’s seat is a NWO, State-Department secular creep. The same people who are trying to send a German family back to their country so the parents can be imprisoned for the crime of homeschooling and the children can be abducted as state property are the ones directing what news tends to reach us through channels. (And though I have no evidence at all, to think that their influence is not extended through some missionary agencies would be really naive.)

In the meantime, what do we see to be the results of American intervention. Iraq used to be a secular hellhole that used the dictatorial power of a neutral state to protect Christians and keep Sunni and Shiite Muslims from fighting. Now it is a Shiite hellhole with the same secret police and secret prisons as before, using torture and abduction to stay in power–and Christians are suffering more, and have more to fear.

How much better off are the Christians in Libya now that Jihadist terrorists effectively run (parts of?) the country, thanks to our bombings, weapons, and money?

And what is happening in Syria right now? It is the Russians who are trying to protect the Christians there. The US and NATO is happy to let them become torture playthings for Jihadis, crocodile tears not withstanding.

If CPAC is any indication, Conservative Christians are itching for another war to go give more territory over to Jihadis.

Cross-posted at Christendom Unbound.

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2 thoughts on “US Government: the anti-Christian devourer with Jihadi teeth

  1. Anastasios on said:

    At least you acknowledge the Middle Eastern Christians as brothers and sisters in Christ. Too many evangelicals (including some like John MacArthur who call themselves Reformed, but are really just Jack Chick-style fundamentalists with TULIP grafted on) claim that Orthodox Christians are not “real” Christians because they are not Protestant. Thank you for not repeating this lie.

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