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The One With the Squished Head


“That’s what I get from these guys–the permission to question everything.”  Thus ends the new trailer promoting Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss’ film “Unbelievers”.  It is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

If you’ve ever seen Douglas Wilson’s “Collision”, then you’ll recognize the trailer for “Unbelievers”.  Apparently, the “Unbelievers” folks appreciated what Gorilla Poet Productions created a few years ago with “Collision” and have attempted to create their own anti-theistic version.  The camera work, the music, the transportation scenes–all very reminiscent of the fantastic work by Darren Doane, Aaron Rench, Nate Wilson, and the folks at Gorilla Poet.  Congratulations to them on being copied.  It is the best form of flattery.

And how about that title? Did they intend to prove everything Douglas Wilson said in “Collision” all in one word?  The only reference point they have is the truth.  All they can do is oppose the God who created them by being UN-believers.  As Wilson so aptly states,

“Atheism has two tenets: 1.) There is no God, and 2.) I hate Him.”

In the death throes of their leader–the one with the squished head–the atheists must continue to rely upon the only foundation that there is available, i.e. that God created them, as He did all of us, rational, moral image-bearers of Himself.  Every word they speak speaks a  word against themselves.  Every beautiful image they capture on film displays the glory of their Creator.

So watch “Unbelievers”.  Watch “Collision”.  Work hard.  Sleep well.  The mustard seed continues to grow.


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