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Ron Paul’s Farewell Address to Congress

Today Ron Paul gave his farewell speech to Congress.  It wasn’t flashy or nostalgic.  It was long, detailed, serious, and full of invective and exhortation.  But it was what needed to be said.  It was what it had to be.  A sober assessment of one man’s efforts to bring real change and responsibility to an out of control and corrupt system.  Paul knows that on the surface he has little to show for his efforts, but as he mentions, today there is a growing constituency of people, especially young people, that see in his well worn arguments, his jeremiads against tyranny, his calls for a recognition of the importance of liberty, not the ravings of a crank or a tinfoil-hat-wearing curmudgeon, but the passion of someone who has spent a lifetime advocating for liberty and principle over and against corruption and personal aggrandizement.

Today marks the end of an era.  Ron Paul was the consummate statesman of our age.  We can only hope that those he has inspired will carry on his legacy of character, fidelity to principles, honesty, and service.  Today we salute you Dr. Paul.


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