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How do you feel about wars for human rights now?

Jason Hood over at the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology asks the following hypothetical question about an imagined future scenario:

Mexico and other Latin American nations, not least given recourse to a combination of Roman Catholicism and Pentecostalism. They begin to get drug violence under control.

Then they turn their attention northward: they decide to “fight the real enemy” and declare war on the United States.

Their primary goal is the end the violence of abortion in our country. Secondary concerns include the carnage of self-centered drug abuse, global leadership in pornography and the sexual trafficking of women and young girls–horrors which leak into Latin America from the USA. The US stubbornly refuses to accept outside help, and Latin Americans have had enough.

So the question is, Americans, for whom do you fight in this thought experiment? And what do you make of the justification for war?

via SAET » The Dilemma » The Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology.

I think this is a good thought experiment. Is the CSATO (the Central & South American Treaty Organization) waging a just war or not?

We could go into particulars.


Would they be justified in sending us an ultimatum with the threat of mass civilian bombing behind it, on the rationale that we would certainly capitulate and the threat would save lives?

And, when we refused the ultimatum, would they then be obligated to drop all the bombs because they couldn’t be perceived as bluffing?

And, could CSATO and Mexican Officials claim that the resulting dead babies were really the responsibility of “the Americans”?

The real tragedy here is that few of my readers understand I am talking about real crimes committed by NATO, and by the US ruling regime of the time.


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