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Dear Christian GOP voter: stop listening to them (and a personal declaration of independence) | “once more, with feeling”

Anyone who is blaming the nation and the national culture for Obama’s election is at best guessing and at worst diverting your attention from the fact that they have led you in Fantasyland for at least the last four years.

Did the looters out-number the producers in this election? Was it all about abortion and homosexual marriage?

Maybe, but I doubt it.

People voted against the guy who sounded like he wanted war with Iran, Russia, and China.

People voted against the guy who sounded like he wanted to ruin the economy again–because that is exactly the GOP reputation right now with a sizable chunk of the population.

People trust the Dems with the economy and they trust the Dems with National Defense. They see the GOP as dangerous to both. Obama began running hard to the Left because he felt he had the center sewed up.

And, anyone listening to talk radio on immigration hears populist hatred for Hispanics, so that demographic is going away until the free market/open border people really win and shut down the populists. Let the Dem unions try to get that voting block. (I suspect that won’t bring the Hispanic vote, but it certainly doesn’t help.)

Are more people in America more perverse and immoral? Sure. Homosexual marriage and other-people-funding-my-slut lifestyle has more voter demand than it used to.

But that doesn’t mean we can all gash our foreheads and scream about national apostasy?

Is that what Jesus would recommend we do?

Do we really know that those issues are what turned this election or are we being given assurances from people who have a vested interest in making us look away from their own alleged wisdom? Oddly, these people sound exactly like the mainstream media giving us that same free advice.

On the class warfare issue: it is a big. But it is not moral perversity alone that makes it such an issue. It is because poor and middle class people seriously believe that the GOP wants to raid the public for their money and give it to rich people. They believe this because they are credulous, manipulated by evil demagogues, prone to think the worst of others, and because that is exactly what the GOP did and everyone knows it and just pretends it never happened.

If the forces that wanted and gave us TARP remain in control of the GOP, or are even perceived as being especially associated with the GOP, then we will never win another presidential election. Yes, Dems aided and abetted in all this, but we owned it.

And yes, it seems like people should blame Obama for some of the economy now, but the fact is that he has stayed with the Bush playbook, following the lead of Bush Era officials like Bernanke and Geithner.So even his failure doesn’t make the GOP look like an option if the GOP stays the same.

Blaming other people is how you keep from acknowledging your own failures. If there was really no chance any GOP candidate could win, then we shouldn’t have nominated anyone at all.

It is one thing for a country to collapse. It is another thing for people to want it to collapse rather than wake up to their own problems.

Obama is a horrible person. He personally kills people with illegal drone strikes and writes off women and children who get cut to pieces with shrapnel as “worth” it. (It is worth it because those people are worth nothing to him). He protects criminals in Wall Street. His opponents should have hung Corzine around his neck and Corzine should be facing prison time.

But the GOP is just jealous that they don’t have their guy in office killing foreigners with sky robots and protecting Wall Street corruptocrats. So the illusion of Obama as protector against “the one percent” continues. No one calls him for what he is. The closest we ever came was when Romney pointed out to Obama that he tried to keep troops in Iraq. I was amazed that was allowed into the Matrix.

And some good ideas that the GOP sometimes represents (freedom, deregulation) are now associated with cronyism and insane bubble economics. The GOP should not be singled out for those things, but they refuse to repent of them, so the Dems are never called to give an account.

I know many people will tell me I am raving. I’ve actually allowed myself to feel guilty from time to time. Or ashamed that I couldn’t get excited about the GOP establishment. They are so wise. So knowledgeable.

And such losers.

I repent of every second I spent trying to fit in with that culture. I seriously wonder right now if the GOP’s reason for existing is to provide a diversion for Christians–to get them to focus their time and energy on pursuits that leave the establishment untouched. The GOP has a record of doing nothing but wreaking havoc and destruction on the United States since at least 2001. Bush did it on his own from 2001 to 2008 and then handed it over to the Democrats .

Romney actually went to George H. W. Bush to get his endorsement. Is that not amazing? The man who reversed “the Reagan Revolution” and couldn’t hold onto the office for more than one term is the Godfather of the party?

This is crazy. I can’t believe I ever felt the need to defend myself for not liking this situation. Young? Naive?

Try engaged in reality.

Originally published at: Dear Christian GOP voter: stop listening to them (and a personal declaration of independence) | “once more, with feeling”.


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