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The Eugenicists were Thinking Beyond the Election

Two Republicans who opposed aborting children who were conceived by rape lost their elections on November 6. What stands out about them is that they were completely different in tone and conviction than Mitt Romney. I’m not talking about the stupid statements they made. I’m talking about simply articulating an issue (against homicide) and sticking to it. In order to hear about Mitt Romney and abortion, I had to listen to Democrat campaigners, Planned Parenthood defenders, and the disgusting Thomas Friedman all scream about how radical and extremist Mitt Romney was.

But it was all nonsense.When Romney campaigned on abortion, he campaigned that he was in favor of it in certain cases. When Obama attacked Romney for wanting to cut off public funds to Planned Parenthood, Romney refused to acknowledge that he heard the accusation. He didn’t say one word about the spending. In return for Obama’s claim that Bush was never so “extreme,” he didn’t point out that Obama had objected to Bush as a big spender.

No one who want it to cease to be legal to dismember babies in the United States could be inspired by Romney. They could fear Obama and they could see how proborts used him as a source of fear to get the troops out, but Romney said very little. Given his strongly probortion background, this didn’t inspire confidence.

In general, what was notable about the election is that Obama campaigned for the Pansexual Left and Romney, no matter how provoked, campaigned for the Managerial Center. The only other notable thing about the campaign was in foreign policy. They had the same one. Yet by rhetoric both parties treated Obama as a “dove” and Romney as a “hawk.” It was all a transparent charade.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought all that rhetoric about how Romney was a threat to “reproductive freedom” was a strategy to get people to vote for Obama. Now I realize that it all served another interest entirely.

But now the play is obvious: we ran a Northeastern Liberal against Obama and Obama won. So now the media has to claim this was a verdict against the Religious Right.

Originally posted at: The Eungenicists were Thinking Beyond the Election | “once more, with feeling”.


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