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Is the election just an exercise in scapegoating and championing?

My friend George wrote an excellent piece on the sociological phenomena that attend voting.  It’s short but sweet.

Are you, like me, worn out by presidential election season?  It is exhausting keeping up with debates,  sorting truth from lies, tracking the ads, dissecting the statements, and arguing with our neighbors.  And all leading up to what? Casting one measly vote out of millions.  Our efforts to change the world for good start to feel like riding a ten-speed bike in first gear.  We frantically spin our feet but hardly move.

Every four years we invest a disproportionate amount of our time, energy, and emotion in an event that we have virtually no influence upon.  And we sense the futility. We rightly seek to bring righteous transformation to the world, but when we examining it objectively we see the investment doesn’t pay off.
Why do we do this?  And is there a more efficient way to change the world?

Read the rest here.


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