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What if Obama wins?

Obama’s Second Term

In the midst of the nauseating stream of news pointed to tomorrow’s election, there is a great deal of anxiousness on the part of many Republicans. Worse than any shortcoming in their candidate, they fear Obama. There is legitimacy in fearing a man as misled as our current President, but what if he is re-elected?

Dr. North on Obama’s Second Term

I tend to agree with Dr. Gary North‘s perspective:

If Obama is elected, we are going to get gridlock. The House is not going to go along with anything he proposes that the Republican Party is not in favor of. The Senate is going to be so evenly divided that neither party will be able to ram through any policy that the other party is not in favor of.

Charles Pierce on Obama’s Second Term

Author of Idiot America , Charles Pierce adds:

As a general rule, second terms suck. Jefferson resorted to the embargo and Madison got the White House house burned down… More recent examples are even less promising. Nixon had Watergate. Saint Reagan had Iran Contra, and was very likely a symptomatic Alzheimer’s patient for most of his second term. Clinton got impeached…

Is Obama a Political Mastermind?

I do believe that our fear begins to create in us illusions that Obama is the mastermind of a socialist takeover. The reality is that beside Healthcare reform (which is a GOP problem too, replace with what?) Obama wasn’t very masterful in pressing his first term agenda forward. Having control of one house of Congress will do as Dr. North says, create a lame duck President. America’s political process is a lagging indicator of the American people and in this election, the demand for blue and red socialism has picked our two major party candidates. So who wins this election is more of a referendum on the American people than their elected officials. If we want to change how this plays out in the future, we need focus on the regeneration this culture.

On Election Night

On Tuesday, the sheep will follow the herd, blue sheep to the blue shepherd and vice versa. So we plan to go to bed early, rise the next day and continue to plow the fertile ground for the Kingdom regardless of who is President. We won’t lose any sleep over who wins, we will have faith in God’s righteous providence. Come Wednesday, Christ is still faithful and Christ is still king, even if Obama is still President.

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