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What does Jesus think of drone attacks?

Let us imagine I have a repair guy come over to fix my furnace. It turns out he is moonlighting as  a terrorist. Homeland Security has recently identified him as a terrorist. They have just figured out the vehicle he drives and the license number. Because drones are perfectly fine to use in the war on terror. Homeland Security has one over St. Louis looking for him.

The drone spots the van outside our house and sees the man entering our home. So the drone pilot pulls the trigger and fires a hellfire missile at the house.  The missile blows up the house, kills the target, kills my wife Jennifer, and makes my younger daughter’s face look like this little girl’s face:


Another pic:


Let’s  imagine that our situation is something like that of the real-live drone victim pictured above. Say that a charity was formed in the US that created a fund for plastic surgery so that my daughter’s face is at least capable of growth.

So questions:

Am I wrong to characterize what happened to my wife as homicide?

Does the fact that the target was pinpointed so my neighbors didn’t get destroyed mean that I should think of drones as good?

Am I supposed to be grateful to America because my daughter was given medical care? Should I boast in America because other countries don’t allow drone victims to receive medical care?

When my three older children, after burying their mother and learning to look at their sister in the face without flinching, apostatize (God forbid), sell their souls to the devil, and do something big and violent to something federal, will it be right to report this as evidence that Congress needs to increase the appropriations budget for drones because, Al Qaeda or Luciferianism or whatever, is growing?

If America faced a problem with homegrown terrorists recruiting other people, would this drone policy result in decreasing the number of terrorists or increasing their recruitment numbers?

Let’s put a tin-foil hat spin on this, just for fun:

Would such a drone policy be the best way to keep Americans safe or would it be for the benefit of Homeland Security who needs enemies to increase their power and budget? And what about the possibility that at some point in the future there will be a state in the union that might be tempted to leave the nation or do something else the Feds don’t like? A sudden increase in terrorism could do a number of things to stop it, and provide a cover story.

OK final question: If while I’m holding the body of my dead wife in the wreckage of our home, I pray God’s judgment on the murderers who killed her, would God hear my prayer? Or would he tell me to stop slandering the good people in Homeland Security who are only doing their best to protect the nation from terrorists?


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6 thoughts on “What does Jesus think of drone attacks?

  1. These pictures are heartbreaking!

  2. buriedtreasurebooks on said:

    I wish I could adopt that little girl, and I WILL pray for God’s justice on those who did it to her.

  3. D. Buck on said:

    I thought you were headed in the direction of the charity being named as a terrorist front organization. Oh, but we don’t do that in the USA do we?

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  5. Not really sure what the author is trying to say. How are drones different than fighter jets because they do the same thing. Aka, shoot stuff from the air. Why attack drones specifically? Why not airplanes in general?

    • Mark Horne on said:

      Drones are being extolled as an excellent tool when they are actually being misused. I certainly don’t believe we should commit homicides by other tools. (I thought the scenario I spelled out communicated what I was objecting to.)

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