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Vote Only for the Candidate who has a Chance

This was the basic premise of a local talk-show host I interacted with today. My response is brief:

__________, I grant your position and principle as the majority in this country. I simply refuse to accept it as the sole principle to consider in election season. My commitment as a principled Biblicist and Trinitarian Christian causes me to consider other matters beyond simply “who has a shot and who doesn’t.” Even if I were to accept your premise it would only make sense in Florida, and a few other states where votes actually make a difference in the general election. I would not consider a Republican vote in California to be foolish and wasteful. Human beings are created with what the Reformation called the “doctrine of the conscience.” Our decisions based on principle and conscience are not in vain, whether they win out in the end or not. They indicate and form the type of person we are and will be. Decisions are formational and maturational at their most basic level.


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