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Third Party Debate

In tonight’s third-party debate the four candidates had the chance to articulate their positions. There were six major questions with some interaction among the candidates. Larry King moderated the debate and brought the celebrity factor into the discussion, which may serve to gain some attraction.

It was a good start. I hope this continues in the years ahead. It is a necessary process. The two-party monopoly is a disturbingly disgraceful system. It destroys the ability of the people to speak. The voice of third party candidates might be an incentive for the 2/3 of Americans who do not vote. If we want the people to be involved, then we need more voices in the discussion. Simply echoing and re-echoing the same talking points and framing and re-framing your positions to fit the political climate of the day cannot be healthy when the issues are of such significance.

Issues largely ignored in the “one party debate” were discussed at some length tonight. It was refreshing and hopeful. Again, it was a good start.


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