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Tolle Lege!

Readers of the Kuyperian Commentary would do well to mark Michael Sheuer’s website: Sheuer’s recent article, Pity Poor America: Obama, Romney, and Foreing Policy concludes with a strong warning:

–Perhaps most of all, we can begin to accept the fact that we Americans have an enormous amount of work to do to here at home to curtail the federal government’s power — especially that of the president in the area of war-making; to stop building debt; to inculcate civic responsibility in our children instead of an absurdly bloated sense of “rights”; to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure; and to accept that the road to America’s survival, prosperity, and peace is lit by the Founders’ belief that our republicanism is a model for others to imitate if they so choose, not a tool with which U.S. politicians are to militarily remake the world in their — not really America’s — arrogant and condescending image.


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