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Is a Vote for Romney Sinful?

by Uriesou T Brito

As a contributor and administrator to Kuyperian Commentary, I do not view a vote for Romney a sin. Though I judge it as unwise, I am careful not to attribute the intentions of any as sinful. Most of these Romney supporters are making a difficult decision. Many of them do not find Romney attractive and have even less tolerance towards his record on a host of issues. But they are weighing the options, and the decision is straightforward.

Some Romney supporters are simply voting for a man whose name does not end with Obama. This argument is common and has been used over the years, but we simply have not heard it as loudly and vociferously pronounced as in our day. While this argument is not appealing to me, there is some merit to it. People are truly concerned about the future of this country, and this concern is legitimate to some extent. There is a great chance Obama will work day and night in his last four years to propel his agenda of a centralized government in every sphere. So the argument for Romney is not sinful, and neither is it absurd.

At the same time I find a vote for Romney more of the same. If the Bush years were difficult, the Romney years would demonstrate once again the inability of another Republican to live up to his Constitutional vows. A Romney win would rattle the Democrats, because the Democrats are rattled easily. But ultimately will it change the dynamics of U.S. Foreign Policy, Economics, and the FED? The answer is a resounding no. Romney and Obama share the same foreign policy. Their rhetoric sometimes differs, but they both operate from the same neo-conservative play book.  For Bill Kristol it’s a win-win.

Economically, there is no mention of the role of the Federal Reserve in the fantastically ridiculous economic woes. While we decry the current president’s policies, Republicans (with few exceptions) speak of the Federal Reserve’s role in bailing out international banks and tearing apart the value of the dollar.  There is no talk of cutting anything at this point. Paul Ryan’s strong rhetoric if ever implemented would only diminish the blood flow.

No, a vote for Romney is not a sinful vote. It is purely strategic; a strategy the contributors of Kuyperian Commentary will not follow.


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