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Romney’s Many Faces

Yikes.  Brent Budowsky spares no punches:

First Mitt Romney passes a healthcare mandate in Massachusetts with financing the Supreme Court would call a tax. Then Romney runs away from his own law faster than a rabbit in heat. Then Romney’s staff says Romney believes the Obama mandate does not include a tax. Now Romney says his staff was wrong, that the Obama mandate does include a tax, but the Romney mandate does not. Huh? I have heard of politicians being called two-faced, but as I count the Romney faces on healthcare, he didn’t even stop at three-faced, he went right to four-faced!

I have never seen a politician in America who has less integrity about what he believes than Mitt Romney. He is beyond the weather vane, beyond the Etch A Sketch, beyond two-faced and even beyond three-faced.

Is there anything Mitt Romney believes on Monday that he will believe on Tuesday? Mitt Romney makes Barack Obama look like Winston Churchill!

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