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Santorum, Compromise, Done Deal, and Ron Paul

The news is circulating quite rapidly that Romney is the inevitable GOP nominee. Gingrich and Paul still remain, with the first, stating that he is in it until the game is over. Ron Paul is conviction. He is in it to educate, but also to leave an impression in the party. His goal is nobler than power; it is equipping. His libertarianism may appear too radical to some, and thus unappealing to the masses, but at the same time it leaves the doors open to a third party run. Some call it insane, while others contemplate this scenario in dream-like fashion. Naturally, as some assume, this might make the Obama campaign quite pleased, since Paul holds a cult-like following of at least 10% of the GOP. 10% is worth a reasonable compromise with the Romney campaign. Is a compromise workable? Yes. Is it likely? It would be a shocker.

As Santorum exits, his delegates become  an interesting bid. The idea of Santo’s delegates running to Gingrich’s hurting campaign seems strange. The idea of them running to Paul’s campaign also seems unlikely, though if Santo’s crowd despise Romney as much as it appears, there is always a potential that hurting him might prove fruitful.

Romney’s chances are increasing. He has practically sealed the deal. But will the deal go beyond Tampa? If not, Romney becomes another John McCain; moderate, hawkish, and defeated.


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