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On my way to work this morning I heard Jerry Doyle interview Ron Paul’s official blogger, Jack Hunter. Hunter did a terrific job elaborating the Paul strategy in the weeks ahead. By the way, Doyle has come out and endorsed Ron Paul.  Hunter answered several questions that continue to be asked in this election cycle. Though the media portrays Paul as “the crazy uncle,” this crazy uncle might just have a chance of winning Iowa.

The Huffington Post and others are now placing their attention on the CNN/Time Poll, which shows Romney ahead of the pack with 25% followed by Ron Paul’s 22%. But the FiveThirtyEight blog of the NYT casts some doubts on the latest poll. With Santorum improving on his numbers and Gingrich essentially bidding adieu to Iowa, Paul has remained the consistent top-tier candidate in Iowa granting him a prestigious end on the third of January.

Finally, the Washington Post concluded their daily pinocchio test, which is usually a futile exercise in pseudo fact-checking. But on this one they asked whether Ron Paul was a conservative constitutionalist. They concluded:

Paul has distinguished himself as the most consistent candidate in the GOP field. He votes according to his principles almost 100 percent of the time, establishing a reputation as an uncompromising representative. In short, voters know exactly what to expect from him — which should make it easy to decide whether to vote for him.

Yes, Paul is consistent, but with a touch of sarcasm and lunacy, the Washington Post concludes: “…that is according to his definition of the constitution.”


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