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Raimondo Ron Paul Prediction

Raimondo is not very optimistic about how the media will treat Paul:

The only antiwar presidential candidate will be continuously smeared, demonized, and eventually driven out of the GOP by the party Establishment – If Ron Paul even comes close to winning Iowa, he will have everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him by a grand alliance of neocons, Obama cultists, and Beltway fake-“libertarians.” First they’ll blame the weather, then they’ll blame the “fanaticism” of Paul’s army of volunteers, and finally they’ll blame the voters, who are supposedly so poisoned by “resentment” that they must be declared officially mad. Delegates won fair and square will encounter “problems” with their credentials. Gloria Borger will team up with a famous psychic to divine who really authored the infamous newsletters, and fresh non-scandals will be unearthed by enterprising “journalists.” In the end, a coalition of neocons and Romneyites will issue an encyclical, excommunicating Paul and his supporters from the Republican party – and opening the way for a third party bid that will threaten to put the GOP nominee in third in November.

Probability: 95%


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One thought on “Raimondo Ron Paul Prediction

  1. Bring it on! To us, Ron Paul for President is not an end-all! To us, discrediting the Establishment (Left & Right) is the goal! The more popular Ron becomes, the more people will see through their baloney. Once we discredit the system it’s only a matter of time before it collapses. Bye-bye, Hannity, bye-bye Limbaugh, bye-bye O’Reilly, bye-bye Obama, bye-bye Bush’es, bye-bye neocon scum! Your days are numbered!
    Make no mistake about it – we are making major headway, we are winning! We have time on our side – as old, predominantly brain-washed, brain-dead, Altzheimer-paralized television-watching zombie audience is dying the young branches soaking up the Truth off the Internet and WE matter more now. The only way they’re going to stop us is by hard-core, brutal, jack-boot dictatorship, tyranny spreading its black wings across this land. Bring it on, Trash, we’re going to squash you like the nasty little bug that you are! Just fire the first shot and see what happens!!!

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