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Endorsement, Polls, and Vicious Attacks

My friend, Brian Nolder, influential pastor and thinker in Iowa has come out to fully endorse Dr. Ron Paul. His piece is a helpful demonstration of someone who has been thinking hard through these issues since last election and has given Ron Paul a chance. Many others have done so.

Paul is set to take a prominent standing in Iowa on the third of January and will most likely go to NH with significant strength. The latest PPP polling continues to show Paul at a small lead, but a lead nevertheless.

Meanwhile, Gingrich has come out viciously attacking Ron Paul’s newsletter even going so far as to say that he will not support Paul should he be the nominee. Newt’s de-contextualized comments assume Paul wrote all the newsletters. This will most likely backfire on Gingrich, since Paul supporters know the truth.

Gingrich has become quite a desperate politician in these last days, since a bad show in Iowa will most likely plunge him in NH. This is virtually–assuming Perry or Santorum do not break out of second-tier–a Ron Paul and Mitt Romney race. Romney, though plagued by flip-flops, will be the establishment’s choice. Paul needs a first or strong second finish in Iowa and overcome the newsletter charges in order to be competitive in NH, and versus the Romney machine.


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