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What the Mainstream Media is Telling us about Ron Paul

So let me see if I understand what the media is telling me I am supposed to believe these days:

1. If Ron Paul wins Iowa, it doesn’t matter, nor does the Iowa caucus, but who gets 2nd and 3rd matters a great deal.

2. Ron Paul is a racist, even though among blacks, he is polling HIGHER than all the other candidates.

3. No true patriot should support Ron Paul, even though our military men and women support him more than all other candidates combined.

4. Ron Paul can’t win a general election even though he polls highest against Obama in many polls, provides a true alternative to the status quo, and has more independents, young people, democrats, and other groups supporting him than all the other candidates.

5. Not wanting to get into a war with Iran is a ‘radical’ idea that disqualified him from consideration, while the majority of Americans agree with him, and while political analysts with integrity warn of WW3 if we do.

Dear Main Stream Media: It’s not working. We’re not ALL that stupid. {Thanks to Brian Nolder and Matt Bianco}


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