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Praise for Ron Paul’s Integrity

E.D. Kain praises Paul for his integrity in declining to join the Trump debate. Kain–from–concludes:

So far only Paul and Huntsman are refusing to attend. This puts other candidates in a tricky situation. You don’t want to be the only kid in class who shows up to the dance. Then again, with fewer candidates in attendance, the remaining debaters get more air-time. That’s going to appeal to the Perry’s and Bachmann’s of the race who are desperate for any attention they can get.

And it’s tempting for Newt Gingrich, too, because Newt is drawn to air time like a moth to flame. But serious contenders like Romney are going to have to think this one through.

Anyways, good for Paul and Huntsman to turn this down. This GOP race is already too much like reality television this election cycle. We hardly need to bring actual reality television into the mix.

If you strip away the ideology what we really want out of a president is a strong leader. Refusing to join the circus, like refusing to endorse torture, speaks to the character of both Paul and Huntsman. Integrity is a rare quality in a politician, but an important one.


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