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Will the Real Ron Paul Please Stand?

The News Media is going insane over Rick Perry’s brain-freeze last night (take a listen). Perry attempting to prove a point to Ron Paul that he is equally as tough on cutting failed to mention the third department he would cut. As Drudge Report noted, it was 53 seconds of pure agony and embarrassment. But what the media has failed to mention is that Rick Perry is actually talking about cutting departments, not tinkering with them. Perry’s tough cuts talk was clouded by his lack of memory (let’s face it, it happens to all of us, but we are not on the national scene). All the candidates are in some sense trying to speak Paulian without giving him credit (though it should be noted Gingrich spoke favorably of Paul concerning the Federal Reserve). Everyone tries to be Ron Paul because they realize that his ideas have finally become ripened for consumption. Everyone tries to be Ron Paul, but there is only one; only one who is consistent–not you Mitt Romney–and faithful to his principles.


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