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Ron Paul, the Isolationist

I have offered a brief response to a friend who referred to Ron Paul as an isolationist:

…one quick point of correction. You keep using the term “isolationism.” A true isolationist would be Pat Buchanan who is a protectionist. Ron Paul would be a non-interventionist along the lines of the founding fathers. Non-interventionists like Ron Paul are free-traders, not protectionists. Paul believes firmly in national defense and he even authorized the U.S. military to go after Osama bin Laden after 9-11. Unfortunately, the majority of the country bought into the well-proven lies of the Bush administration in those days and wasted billions of dollars in an unconstitutional war in Iraq instead of pursuing the real culprit. Again, Paul is a strong advocate of the Just War Theory, which places him far away from isolationism. I hope this helps.

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