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Ron Paul Shaping the Tide

Writes  Brent Budowsky in The Hill:

Literally for decades, Ron Paul has stated his views intelligently and cogently. He did not care whether he was swimming with the tide or swimming against the tide, because Ron Paul wanted to shape the tide. This is what leaders and conviction politicians do. This is what campaign workers and small donors seek. This is what America needs.

And this is what most in the major media and most Washington insiders will never understand, which is why Ron Paul is so under-covered and under-respected in the press. The press likes the cheap flavor of the month. This is why the clown Donald Trump reaps two months of starry coverage, and Ron Paul receives virtually nothing after essentially tying for first place in the Iowa Ames poll.

My bet is the latest flavor the month, Rick Perry, the hare, will be gone sooner than pundits think, while Ron Paul, the tortoise, has many more curtain calls to come.


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