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Paul on the News

Ron Paul has become lately a sort of go-to guy on just about any issue ranging from economy, war, and drug legalization. Some men never get to see their ideologies becoming mainstream. It seems that the 75 year old candidate is beginning to see that now.

Dylan Ratigan’s Great Interview with Ron Paul

The Case for Gold

Here is a free PDF copy of The Case for Gold by Ron Paul.

Ron Paul at 12% on Dick Morris Poll

Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano Ticket

Paul, a Texas congressman and critic of the Federal Reserve, mentioned a former New Jersey judge and current Fox News talk show host — Andrew Napolitano — as a potential running mate, in an interview withTheStreet’s Alix Steel in Washington this week.

Tom Woods Defending Ron Paul Against Democrats


The Media and Ron Paul

One commenter named Xenu writes:

I do like Ron Paul a lot. He lacks any of the dysfunction of the other politicians. The media says he cannot win, but that is because they do not want him to. Ron Paul is bad for the media business circus. No scandal and all sense. What would happen to the news?

Ron Paul on the Rise

A terrific piece on Ron Paul by NRO.

The Revolution Continues…

State of the Union with Ron Paul

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