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Podcast No. 2: Ron Paul on the Right to Life

Podcast #2 Audio


Welcome to this second Ron Paul podcast.  I am Uri Brito.

On this episode, I want to briefly describe Ron Paul’s position on the issue of life. On a March 29th, 2005 article, Congressman Ron Paul wrote:

“I believe beyond a doubt that a fetus is a human life deserving of legal protection, and that the right to life is the foundation of any moral society. The abortion issue forged my belief that law and morality must intersect to protect the most vulnerable among us. The proper role of government, namely the protection of natural and constitutional rights, flows from the pro-life perspective.”

He later writes that “For too long we have viewed the battle as purely political, but no political victory can change a degraded culture.”

Fundamental to Congressman Paul’s position is that life begins at conception. A Christian libertarian perspective cannot give a woman a right to choose when it comes to life and death, precisely because a woman does not have authority over life and death. God is the author of life and death.

Practically, Paul wants to de-centralize this supposed ethical authority of the federal government and bring the authority to the states. It is his contention that when these issues are brought back to state level, then pro-lifers have a greater chance of seeing abortion abolished once and for all.

The abortion issue is far beyond the reach of the individual man and church. Thus, bringing the issue to the state will once again bring the individual and the church one step closer to bringing this despicable practice to an end.


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