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First Reaction After the Debate

I am a fan of Ron Paul. I have supported him since 2004. I have great expectations for the 2012 elections. Paul will certainly do a better job in the polls than he did in 2008. He is no longer a new kid on the block. His fans are everywhere. He receives an average of 10 calls for interviews a day; his internet army is unconquerable to the infinite horror of some conservatives.  Last night’s debate was a good start; not the best start, but a good start. I have often mentioned that Paul needs to be a bit more personal. His reference to his long marriage was good, but not sufficient. He needs to address the American people. Herman Cain did a fine job last night. His policies are standard neo-conservative, but his mannerism is more appealing to the American people. For the most part, Americans are not much into philosophic discussions, yet, they appear to be coming around it. The Federal Reserve/Foreign Policy talk is no longer bizarre, but a much anticipated one in conservative circles. Ron Paul has started something. I hope it goes far.


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