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Why Ron Paul’s chances are better in 2012?

I have stated this several times, but Paul Mulshine states it better:

If Ron…were to run, he’d have a ready audience in all of those tea-party people whose movement got its start with [Paul’s Dec. 16, 2007] money bomb. The tea-party types actually like listening to lectures about fiscal responsibility. Early in the 2008 campaign, Paul seemed to bore even his base with all that talk about the Federal Reserve. It sounded esoteric.

Once the financial bubble burst, though, monetary policy was a hot topic among conservatives. Throw in trillion-dollar deficits and the Fed’s policy of “quantitative easing” in the years since, and suddenly every candidate’s sounding like that guy who was denouncing the Fed in Philly four years ago.

And consider this quote on foreign policy: “We shouldn’t go to war so carelessly. When we do, the wars don’t end.”

Did Haley Barbour say that just the other day? Probably. But Ron said it first, in that Fox News debate four years ago when the Republicans were ready to run him out of town on a rail. That same rail will be a crowded one this year. And I for one can’t wait to see who is on it.


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