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Ron Paul Podcast #6

Show #6: Huckabee’s Liberal Record and Paul’s Favoritism

This podcast lasts 3 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives.

Program notes:

On this 6th podcast I would like to speak briefly about Mike Huckabee’s liberal economic policies. In a recent article by Robert Novak entitled: The False Conservative, Novak details Huckabee’s impressive and clear abilities to articulate a liberal economic policy of increasing taxes and “big-government advocate of a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans.”

Novak begins his article with the following words:

Who would respond to criticism from the Club for Growth by calling the conservative, free-market campaign organization the “Club for Greed”? That sounds like Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich or John Edwards, all Democrats preaching the class struggle. In fact, the rejoinder comes from Mike Huckabee, who has broken out of the pack of second-tier Republican presidential candidates to become a serious contender — definitely in Iowa and perhaps nationally. Read more…

Ron Paul Podcast #5: Non-Interference and change

Show #5: Non-Interference and change

Show #5: Non-Interference and change

This podcast lasts 5 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives.

Program notes: Now that the phenomenal fourth quarter “money-bomb” of 4.2 million dollars in one twenty-four day is somewhat passe, we need to see if Paul’s numbers will go up in NH and other parts of the country. As of today, he is fourth in NH with 8%, ahead of Fred Thompson and Huckabee. Fortunately, we don’t have to be worried about the Paul campaign mismanaging the money of loyal supporters. You can’t have this same confidence with the Romney or Giuliani campaign. Read more…

Ron Paul Donation Shocks Media…


mithack.jpgAs of 10:47PM, Ron Paul has raised over $3.6 million dollars surpassing the $3.1 million from Mitt Romney. This is what the AP reported concerning this donation explosion, which has just appeared on

The AP weighs in:

Paul’s total deposed Mitt Romney as the single-day fundraising record holder in the Republican presidential field. When it comes to sums amassed in one day, Paul now ranks only behind Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, who raised nearly $6.2 million on June 30, and Barack Obama.Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said the effort began independently about two months ago at the hands of Paul’s backers. He said Paul picked up on the movement, mentioning in it speeches and interviews.

“It’s been kind of building up virally,” Benton said.

The $3.5 million, he said, represented online contributions from more than 22,000 donors.

Tomorrow, there will be more reporting of this historical event. This is what has been printed thus far:

Wolf Blitzer/CNN: Ron Paul Raises Millions!

ABC News: Ron Paul is Money

New York Times: Guy Fawkes Day Helps Raise Millions for Paul

Associated Press: Paul Raises More Than $3.5 Million

Drudge Report front page: Ron Paul Raises More Than $3.5M in One Day…

Breitbart: Ron Paul Raises More Than $3.5M in One Day

Ron Paul Podcast #4 – Examining Mike Huckabee’s record

Show #4 Topic: Mike Huckabee’s record.

Download page. 

Content:a) Interview with John Fund concerning Mike Huckabee’s record (5 minutes)
b) My commentary on Mike Huckabee (4 minutes)

This podcast lasts 10 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives.

Podcast Notes:

And greetings to you…this is Uri Brito for our fourth Ron Paul podcast. You have just heard John Fund from the Wall Street Journal talking to Tucker Carlson about Mike Huckabee’s record. I would like to spend a few minutes further speaking about Huckabee’s record and then making a final observation as to why a Paul campaign is superior and far more conservative to the Huckabee message. Read more…

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