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Third behind Fred Thompson…

This is a strong showing in Texas. The bloggers at TownHall are having a blast mocking Ron Paul supporters. What can we expect from neo-cons? Do they realize that a third among ten candidates and a third among a very strict polling is a superb mark? Though others recognize his rock-star status. 

Duncan Hunter won the straw poll, which on the negative side means he will not drop off the race yet. However, to his credit he did what candidates should do: show up and shake hands.

Fred Thompson, who will soon announce his candidacy early next week came in second, which reveals that his campaign is already in trouble before he starts the race.

Freedom under God…

What is unique about Paul’s message is that his support ranges beyond your typical right-wing voter. Paul brings people together under one slogan: freedom. However, we may understand freedom, from a Christian perspective freedom can only be had under Christ’s rule. It is true that under Ron Paul we may flee government control, but at the point we despise God’s control over our lives, we lose true freedom. Then what does it profit a man to gain worldly freedom and lose true freedom?

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