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Wall Street Journal acknolwedges Paul’s campaign as impressive…

Sean Hannity once again continued what appears to be a purposeful attempt to avoid the naming of Ron Paul. Hannity took a large portion of his first hour to discuss the Ames Straw Poll. He praised Romney by asserting that we should honor the successful men of our country. He proceeded to name the Republicans starting with winner Mitt Romney; he then mentioned second place Mike Huckabee, third place Sam Brownback, fourth place Tom Tancredo, and before mentioning the fifth, (Ron Paul) he skipped to mention that Tommy Thompson (sixth place) dropped out of the race. I may be overly skeptical here, but there is reason to believe that Hannity has continually avoided the mention of Ron Paul on his radio program since the day second Republican debate, where he and Paul had a heated discussion in the post-debate interview. Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal observed Ron Paul’s campaign success:

Fourth place and fifth place went, respectively, to Reps. Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Ron Paul of Texas — impressive showings for two men with narrowly defined candidacies.

Mr. Paul, meanwhile, has built a fanatical following that has embraced his libertarian message and antiwar, anti-interventionist views; supporters came at their own expense from as far as Washington state to help out, though only Iowans could vote.


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4 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal acknolwedges Paul’s campaign as impressive…

  1. Ron Paul makes sense… but Hanity and most media pundits believe what they want to believe. It’s natural that he be shut out even though they claim to offer an unbalanced look at everyone.

  2. *Hannity

  3. Ignore Ron Paul at your own peril, neo-cons. We’re wide awake and paying attention.

    They’re afraid of him and his supporters, who embrace all political persuasions. What a formidable “base” Ron Paul has: freedom-loving Americans!

    Ron Paul 2008

  4. metaljaybird on said:

    I disagree with “narrowly defined candidacies” by the WSJ.

    Hannity, Rush, and the rest are all major disappointments. They need to get over their Bush-glasses and see what true conservatism is.

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