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11:42AM – The Paul Revolution in Paris! 2007-08-04ronpaulparis4b.jpg

11:40AM – The Iowa Straw Poll began at 10AM and it will end at 6PM.

11:38AM – Spectacular Ames Tribute Ad for Dr. Ron Paul.

11:27AM – The RonStock concert was last night in Iowa. Check out Dr. Paul’s speech on youtube.

11:25AM – Jennifer shares her first impressions at RedStateEclectic.

11:19AM – I will be headed to my first Ron Paul meet-up at 1PM. We will be discussing strategies and meeting other supporters of the Constitution.

11:17AM -According to the Daily Paul, Ron Paul raised $75,000 in 24 hours. See video.

11:13AM – Carol Paul, the wife of Ron Paul has been hospitalized, but is stable according to a news source.

11:10AM – Here are the first impressions from Real Clear Politics:

The Paul folks are leading the sign wars on the way to campus. Once here, their volunteers easily outnumber volunteers for every other campaign (though it’s only 9am). Chants of “Ron Paul” are audible from hundreds of yards away.

11:00AM – On the morning of the Ames Straw Poll, CNN reports on who is winning the sign wars.

Watch live video from Iowa.


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