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Ron Paul is interviewed by a bull-dog…

John Lofton is host of the American View. He calls himself a recovering Republican. I have met him several times, spoken to him on the phone, and corresponded via e-mail…the man is a bull-dog. When he sat at my lunch table at a conference a year ago, he barely talked and when he did, he had some harsh words to say about some of the speakers. It’s just how John is! The man worked for Goldwater and for various Republican candidates since then, and after being abused by the Republican party–perhaps betrayed–is a better word, John left the party and is recovering from years of substance abuse or promises abused.

Well, John the pit-dog or bull-dogg Lofton interviewed the great and honorable Dr. Ron Paul…as as always he didn’t back down. I am not sure Ron was expecting John’s style of interview…but again it’s just the way John is! John encouraged Ron Paul to preach to his fellow congress-men and to uphold God’s law and fight for righteousness and continue to defend the Constitution. Paul made some troubling statements in my opinion, particularly when he said he was not sure if homosexuality is a sin according to the Scriptures. I am not sure if too many years in Washington has eased his religious beliefs. Nevertheless, the interview was superb. Believe it or not, Ron has found his Constitutional match…John Lofton the Bull-dog. Here is the interview…

P.S. If you have never heard the American View, you are missing one of the most American, Constitutional, and Biblical programs on the internet.

Ron Paul 3%…

In a surprising (only for the media) new updated polling from Fox News, (this poll is based only on registered voters, so there is no possibility of scam) Congressman Ron Paul is up to 3% tied with Mike Huckabee. He is in 6th place assuming Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson enter the race. As for Sam Brownback, his poor performance at the Ames Straw poll ( in light of the enormous amount of effort and money he spent) continues to have negative results. He is tied with Tom Tancredo with 1%. Sam, I think it’s time.

Medved says Paul is a one-issue candidate…

The title says it all. Michael Medved, blogger at, argues that Paul is a one-issue candidate. What is that one issue? Isolationalist foreign policy. Of course, the very first thing to point out to Medved is that Paul never uses that word about himself. I have heard him often say that there is nothing isolationist about trading with countries and befriending other countries. On the other hand, neo-cons want to bomb other countries and isolate themselves from other nations by supporting their enemies and then years later by supporting the enemy of the enemy. If you follow thus far, Medved and his group of neo-cons are the true isolationists.

Though in complete disagreement with Medved’s assessment about Paul, let me point out one helpful analysis he makes concerning other candidates in his most recent article. Medved believes that for Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter to continue their respective campaigns is insanity. He argues that their efforts at the Iowa straw poll bore no fruit despite their honorable reputations. So Medved calls Sam and Duncan to say good-bye. He writes:

…that leaves a much more focused campaign where the GOP candidates no longer resemble the seven dwarves (you can draw your own conclusions as to the identities of Grumpy, Sleepy and Dopey). With Brownback and Hunter gone (soon, please!) that leaves the two single-issue candidates (Paul and Tancredo) and five serious contenders: Giuliani, Fred Thompson, McCain, Romney – and Huckabee.

Medved then urges that the Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo campaigns continue since they are one-issue candidates. And of course, Medved has his own selfish reasons to see Paul and Tancredo continue in the race:

Their continued campaigning can actually provide a public service: demonstrating that their angry, alienated (and alienating) fringe perspectives draw scant support within the Republican Party.

We can always expect pure motives from the folks at Townhall. But what Medved forgot was that the comment section was open for readers like you. Further, when you write such a dishonest piece, you can expect corrections. Hence, here are some corrections offered humbly to our kind blogger Michael Medved from a few fanatic and fringe Ron Paul supporters. First there is this excellent analogy with European nations:


Should it be considered isolationist to promote free trade yet remove ourselves from the foreign entanglements of the internal affairs of other sovereign nations?
Do people consider the Norwegians, Swedes, or the Dutch to be isolationist because they don’t have a military presence in 192 of 212 other nations and merely rely upon free trade?
Michael, there is no speculating who’s desktop you take your marching orders from, too bad your loyalties weren’t closer to home as you are a decent writer.

Then, there is this list of 12 items that have been defended and proclaimed by Ron Paul in these last 3 months:

Why don’t you actually research a candidate’s position before you write about it? Or at least use a dictionary before using words that are too big for you like “isolationist”…

First, there is a BIG difference between being an isolationist and a non-interventionist. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, NOT an isolationist. In Webster’s dictionary, isolationism is “a national policy of abstaining from political or economic relations with other countries”. Ron Paul is NOT against trade between countries and he is NOT against peaceful negotiations with other countries. He’s also not afraid to go to war … as long as the Congress declares it AS OUTLINED IN THE CONSTITUTION! He just doesn’t believe that we should police the world, overthrow governments in third world countries, and give OUR TAXPAYER money to every country looking for a handout. Simply put, he believes in putting the interests of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST and the interests of other nations second. It’s about time someone in our government started representing the people!

Second, how exactly did you decide that Ron Paul was a one-issue candidate. Let’s see, aside from bringing our troops home he stands for…

1. Reducing the scope of the federal government
2. Drastically cutting government spending
3. Eliminating the income tax
4. Reduce the national deficit and debt
5. Eliminating wasteful government agencies like the IRS, Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, FEMA
6. Using our troops to actually defend and secure our borders
7. Stamping out illegal immigration and amnesty
8. Allow young people to opt out of Social Security
9. Repeal the Patriot Act and give Americans back their rights to privacy
10. Keeping the internet unregulated
11. Stamp out NAU, NAFTA, WTO
12. Fight to reverse Rowe v. Wade

Shall I go on???

Maybe Ron Paul should be a 12-issue candidate?

Wall Street Journal acknolwedges Paul’s campaign as impressive…

Sean Hannity once again continued what appears to be a purposeful attempt to avoid the naming of Ron Paul. Hannity took a large portion of his first hour to discuss the Ames Straw Poll. He praised Romney by asserting that we should honor the successful men of our country. He proceeded to name the Republicans starting with winner Mitt Romney; he then mentioned second place Mike Huckabee, third place Sam Brownback, fourth place Tom Tancredo, and before mentioning the fifth, (Ron Paul) he skipped to mention that Tommy Thompson (sixth place) dropped out of the race. I may be overly skeptical here, but there is reason to believe that Hannity has continually avoided the mention of Ron Paul on his radio program since the day second Republican debate, where he and Paul had a heated discussion in the post-debate interview. Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal observed Ron Paul’s campaign success:

Fourth place and fifth place went, respectively, to Reps. Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Ron Paul of Texas — impressive showings for two men with narrowly defined candidacies.

Mr. Paul, meanwhile, has built a fanatical following that has embraced his libertarian message and antiwar, anti-interventionist views; supporters came at their own expense from as far as Washington state to help out, though only Iowans could vote.

Ron Paul’s future…

A fifth place on the Iowa straw poll is indeed incredible. I must confess, however, as an eternal optimist, that a third place would have been even better. Nevertheless, when you spend so little in a straw poll and when your opponents invest everything but their very lives, I think you can see why the excitement of Ron Paul supporters continue to grow. Perhaps Andrew Main summarizes it best:

I think Ron Paul’s placement in this poll was just about perfect: strong enough to solidly refute the ‘pundits’ — intellectual followers (not to mention shills) who like to pretend they are leaders — and provide just enough encouragement to the troops to keep everyone working hard, while still making clear just how far there is still to go. It is, after all, still a year (?) till the nominating convention, 15 months (!) to the actual election. (I shudder to think how much damage Dubya & friends can still do — but even that might not be bad for the rEVOLution.) Too much early success is not healthy, as many past ’sure thing’ candidates can attest.

A fifth position solidifies that the Paul campaign is no longer an internet scam on TV polls. This is a crucial victory early on in the campaign. The truth is that if this campaign will thrive in the next few months, Ron Paul supporters will have to multiply. This is already happening in meet-up groups across the country and even on a financial level. Recently, Ron Paul stated that his campaign had raised over $75,000 in 24 hours. As the media has become very much aware, Ron Paul’s campaign used the least amount of money in the poll and bore the greatest fruit. Whereas the Romney campaign used the greatest amount of money and bore the least fruit. So far it has been noted that he paid over $500 for each vote, whereas the second place Huckabee, spent under $100. Ron Paul’s numbers should be out soon, but we may just assume that he spent under $60 for each vote.  The straw poll in Ames, Iowa is truly not to be taken as the definitive poll on anything this early on the election, rather it serves to point out the ability a candidate has to organize his volunteers and indeed Ron Paul supporters and volunteers once again shattered any misconception that we are merely internet-based.

Another positive element of this straw poll is that it eliminates competition. Out of the 11 candidates, some were counting significantly on their standing in this poll. Tommy Thompson who traveled over 99 counties in Iowa seeking to make a powerful impression, ended behind Ron Paul in sixth place and was left with no other alternative but to step down.  With Thompson out of the race, Paul will have more time to make his positions clear in debates. It truly is a process of elimination. Duncan Hunter is also expected to drop out of the race in the days ahead. Truly, the absurdity of it all is that Ron Paul is the only candidate to reflect the Old Right promoting a foreign policy of non-intervention and a return to Constitutional principles, whereas all other candidates are in general agreement with each other. Hence, the fight becomes one of name recognition and experience. Ron Paul’s future is bright and the cause of freedom and peace is the cause of the future. Let the base die and the Revolution continue.


I will end my blogging for today. Continue to follow at 

11:42AM – The Paul Revolution in Paris! 2007-08-04ronpaulparis4b.jpg

11:40AM – The Iowa Straw Poll began at 10AM and it will end at 6PM.

11:38AM – Spectacular Ames Tribute Ad for Dr. Ron Paul.

11:27AM – The RonStock concert was last night in Iowa. Check out Dr. Paul’s speech on youtube.

11:25AM – Jennifer shares her first impressions at RedStateEclectic.

11:19AM – I will be headed to my first Ron Paul meet-up at 1PM. We will be discussing strategies and meeting other supporters of the Constitution.

11:17AM -According to the Daily Paul, Ron Paul raised $75,000 in 24 hours. See video.

11:13AM – Carol Paul, the wife of Ron Paul has been hospitalized, but is stable according to a news source.

11:10AM – Here are the first impressions from Real Clear Politics:

The Paul folks are leading the sign wars on the way to campus. Once here, their volunteers easily outnumber volunteers for every other campaign (though it’s only 9am). Chants of “Ron Paul” are audible from hundreds of yards away.

11:00AM – On the morning of the Ames Straw Poll, CNN reports on who is winning the sign wars.

Watch live video from Iowa.

Bombing holy sites?

Tom Tancredo stood by his remarks on Sunday’s debate. The week before, while speaking to a group of Iowas he said:

If it is up to me, we are going to explain that an attack on this homeland of that nature would be followed by an attack on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina,” Tancredo said. “That is the only thing I can think of that might deter somebody from doing what they would otherwise do. If I am wrong, fine, tell me, and I would be happy to do something else. But you had better find a deterrent, or you will find an attack.

In response, Tom Casey, a deputy spokesman for the State Department, told CNN’s Elise Labott that the congressman’s comments were “reprehensible” and “absolutely crazy.”

I confess Tancredo’s positions on Immigration and government limitation is appealing to paleo-conservatives like myself. Nevertheless, the audacity of Tancredo1 is absurd. Tancredo could well be a reasonable choice in the Republican ticket if his positions were not so radical. It appears that his low numbers both on the internet and nationally has led him and his staff to think of creative ways to call the attention of the country. In debates, he has been known to taking every opportunity to go a step further than his opponents. Instead of the typical neo-con calculated candidates, Tancredo utters the obscene. Indeed, second-tier candidates (and Tancredo is truly a second-tier) are free to utter their thoughts however absurd they may seem and– trust me–they are absurd.

Fow News interviews Dr. No

It was just a few days ago that I posted a link to the unfair treatment Sean Hannity and others at Fox used against Ron Paul. This interview after yesterday’s debate may redeem the neo-con network.

Note: Be aware of the eloquence of Ron Paul even amidst some serious accusations of conspiracy theory and his involvement with Alex Jones. Perhaps Fox will listen a bit more attentively to Dr. No.


Quotes from Ron Paul’s: Freedom Under Siege

From his introduction to Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution After 200 Years:

  • America is no longer a bastion of freedom, prevailing ideology, grounded in economic ignorance and careless disregard for individual liberty, is nurtured by a multitude of self-serving, power-seeking politicians spouting platitudes of compassion for the poor who are created by their own philosophy. Reelection is paramount in the minds of most of those who represent us, while freedom and constitutional restraint of power are considered old-fashioned and unwise. Read more…

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