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Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

Ron Paul has raised 2.4 million dollars. With this raise he becomes the third highest fund raiser in the Republican Party; this places John McCain in fourth place with under 2.4 million. Paul is so concerned with his message that he was not even aware that he had passed John McCain. Even Drudgereport noticed it.My prediction is that McCain will drop off the race soon, which will put Paul even more on the spotlight.  With the entrance of Fred Thompson, the votes will become even more split causing Ron Paul to be a real challenge to the front-runners. As the war continues to be a miserable disaster, Paul’s message of non-intervention will become fairly attractive to the undecided voters. Perhaps not enough to win the nomination, but enough to put Republican warmonger and morally bankrupt Giuliani on guard.

Here’s a short clip from the interview that will be aired on Sunday on “This Week.”


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One thought on “Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

  1. i wrote much the same post a week ago or so. the only difference was I said Ron had to have raised half of what Giuliani and Romney raised. I still think thats true. The shallow fundraising number that everyone seems so bent on portraying as a good one shows that while net folks like to vote a lot, they aren’t giving with their funds.

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