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3% on poll

Ron Paul has had a good week according to Heading Right:

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Ron Paul has had a good week. Rasmussen isn’t tracking the second-tier candidates, but Gallup shows Paul with 3% support — probably his best showing in the entire primary season. He overtook Mike Huckabee this week by a single percentage point, which does not bode well for the Governor of Arkansas.

This is proof that the internet is starting to take effect. It is becoming more tangible.  Ron Paul opponents said three months ago when his polling was at 0-1% that Ron Paul’s campaign is only an expression of bored internet users. Now they can no longer avoid him. With McCain’s campaign declining at a fast pace and a possible abandonment of the campaign in the next 4 months, (this is my speculation) McCain supporters will spread even more among the remaining candidates. Ron Paul is now in sixth place, assuming of course that Thompson and Gingrich announce that they will run.

Who defines victory?

Anyone familiar with my official site for the last few years know that I have been a strong opponent of the Iraq War. Since I am unable to do all the research necessary, I have depended on some phenomenal bloggers and intellectual giants such as William f. Buckley Jr. Along the way, my thinking has been shaped more and more around Libertarian thinking, as expressed by the honorable Ron Paul and the great scholar R.J. Rushdoony.

Establishing arguments contra war has not always been as easy as it is today. Nowadays, the most fervent war-supporting Republicans have begun to express serious doubts about the president’s war policy. After all, when the ship has been sinking for so long,1 even the crew will jump, though their captain may wish to die honorably. Of course, there are still those who will die on their loyalty graveyard. They will fight to the end though they may feel their fight is more about status than morality. They will fight to the end at the expense of other children’s blood, not their own.

These die-harders still claim that we need to stay until “victory” is accomplished; “victory” of course, is never defined. This is why I am glad Dan Phillips continues to write stimulating blogs that forces neo-cons to truly define their terms. Dan Phillips argues that supporters of the war will constantly use phrases like “we cannot leave until we achieve ‘victory;’ or “we cannot cut-and-run because that will mean that we have surrendered to our enemies.”I must confess that though I have believed for very long that the concept of “victory” in the lips of neo-cons is always destined to failure, I have not challenged what exactly they meant by the idea and how irrational it really is. Dan Phillips emerges to challenge and reveal the absurdity of it all when he poses these questions:

Does victory mean toppling Saddam? Done. Does victory mean ensuring Iraq doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction? Done. Does it mean a stable and Western style democracy in Iraq? Good luck with that. Does it just mean a stable but perhaps not democratic Iraq? Good luck with that as well. Does it mean modernizing and westernizing all of the Middle East? Does it mean stamping out all vestiges of “Shari’a-observant Islam” or more crudely put, wiping out “Islamo-fascism.” Most War on Terror supporters I have talked to cannot give a coherent answer. Instead they resort to talking points and boiler-plate accompanied by foot-stomping and eye-rolling.

The level of political discussion began with talks about WMD’s and now they have turned to “we must not leave, though we admit the war was a mistake.” What keeps us in Iraq is the stubbornness and unconstitutionality of a president who still has not given a definition of “victory” without changing his mind a month later.

Imperialism never admits failures; they persist because as Ron Paul has mentioned time and time again: “War is the health of the state.” If the imperial endeavor ceases, the state then ceases to control your money and your lives. If the state continues to wage war, then your life is back in their hands. So, what is victory anyway but the unstable and rhetorically mindless meandering of tyrants.

Paul pulls even with McCain financially

Paul pulls even with McCain financially

Sen. John McCain, Ariz., considers himself to be in competition with GOP candidates riding high in the polls, including Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. But at the end of June, McCain’s remaining cash, about $2 million, was about the same as that of Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who barely registers in polls but has picked up lots of fans online.

Paul, a campaign spokesman said, has $2.4 million on hand. He raised more than $2 million in the second quarter and has spent $520,000. McCain spent more than $20 million in the first six months of the year. Of course, Paul also lacks the campaign infrastructure around the country that McCain has built and is now seeking to streamline.

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Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

Ron Paul has raised 2.4 million dollars. With this raise he becomes the third highest fund raiser in the Republican Party; this places John McCain in fourth place with under 2.4 million. Paul is so concerned with his message that he was not even aware that he had passed John McCain. Even Drudgereport noticed it.My prediction is that McCain will drop off the race soon, which will put Paul even more on the spotlight.  With the entrance of Fred Thompson, the votes will become even more split causing Ron Paul to be a real challenge to the front-runners. As the war continues to be a miserable disaster, Paul’s message of non-intervention will become fairly attractive to the undecided voters. Perhaps not enough to win the nomination, but enough to put Republican warmonger and morally bankrupt Giuliani on guard.

Here’s a short clip from the interview that will be aired on Sunday on “This Week.”

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