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What Ron Paul needs to say tonight?

Here are two things Ron Paul needs to do tonight:

a) What Ron Paul needs to do tonight is to stress once again that he will bring the troops home immediately and then appeal to the families and say something like: “Father and Mothers, brothers and sisters-I promise you I will bring you sons and daughters home immediately as your president!”

b) Secondly, Paul needs to capitalize in his Giuliani reading list. He should say something like: Mr. Giuliani needs to read what I have given him; how can a man desire to be a president of the United States if he does not seek to understand foreign policy. I, on the other hand, understand foreign policy and understand Middle Eastern politics and that is why I should lead this country.


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2 thoughts on “What Ron Paul needs to say tonight?

  1. Beautiful! The first one gives me tingles all over. I think it speaks right to the hearts of our families and communities, many of whom wish someone in office would take a stand against the devastating foreign policy we’ve engaged ourselves in since 9/11 (not to mention blowback from policies before).

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