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Ron Paul in 1996

His message was the same then and it is the same now. See this incredible video. The issue that divides the 10 candidates (soon to be 11) has always been the same: One of principle, integrity and consistency.

Great Blog resource…

In the time of political cliches, you are always searching around form some decent blog to express ideas that resonate with a Ron Paulian philosophy of liberty and peace. Here is one that does that: Copious Dissent


Check out the comment section here at

Then, vote here. Ron Paul wins again.

Though Paul was snubbed, he won again according to Rockwell. 

So far in this evening’s post-analysis there has not been one mention of Ron Paul except when Anderson Cooper instead of saying Raw Politics said Ron Paul. What’s Cooper been thinking about lately?

What Ron Paul needs to say tonight?

Here are two things Ron Paul needs to do tonight:

a) What Ron Paul needs to do tonight is to stress once again that he will bring the troops home immediately and then appeal to the families and say something like: “Father and Mothers, brothers and sisters-I promise you I will bring you sons and daughters home immediately as your president!”

b) Secondly, Paul needs to capitalize in his Giuliani reading list. He should say something like: Mr. Giuliani needs to read what I have given him; how can a man desire to be a president of the United States if he does not seek to understand foreign policy. I, on the other hand, understand foreign policy and understand Middle Eastern politics and that is why I should lead this country.

America: Leave the Middle East!

The old argument used against those like Ron Paul who believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be better off without American interfering in Middle Eastern foreign affairs has plenty of validity according to a new survey out by Zogby.

The idea according to the Neo-Cons is that if we leave Iraq or if we don’t attack Iran, the Middle East will enter a civil-war (hint: It has become a civil war due to American foreign policy). American foreign policy under Bush has enraged the Middle East and underscore what Ron Paul has said so many times: “Let the Middle East deal with their problems.”

The Arab American Institute (AAI) and Americans for Peace Now (APN) on Monday, June 4, will release the results of a new joint survey of Arab Americans and Jewish Americans showing a high level of support, among both communities, for a negotiated two-state peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The poll, conducted by Zogby International, also shows a low level of approval of President Bush’s handling of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as an intention, by voters in both communities, to support political candidates who commit to actively advancing the Arab-Israeli peace process. The poll reveals solid support for a more robust use of American diplomacy in the region, including in Washington’s policy toward Iran.

Ron Paul interview

Ron Paul answers on foreign policy, Islamist radicals and much more: Click here

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