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Ron Paul on Dennis Miller

I have just heard Ron Paul’s interview with Dennis Miller (the libertarian who defends the war). Dennis was gracious and allowed Ron to share his positions articulately. For that I am thankful. One of my curiosities regards the issue of the Constitution. No one ever challenges the unconstitutionality of a congress giving that right over to a president. If it is wrong, you do not perpetuate a wrong, you make it right-and you do so by bringing the troops home. Incidentally, I heard Governor Bill Richardson on Meet the Press argue taht we should take that authority away from the president and give it back to where it belongs – Congress.  (Of course, Richardson has changed his mind so many times that no one takes him seriously and no one should) This is Paul’s message. Dennis Miller told Ron Paul that he believes American troops will be in the Middle East for another 50-70 years battling Radical Islam. It appears Miller wants to spread the war all over the Middle East. What is he expecting? That 50 years from now they will suddenly all stop and say: “Hey, we love American foreign policy. Let us stop this war and love one another. ” How absurd of Mr. Miller!

The best option is to do what Ron Paul has talked about for over 4 years and that is to bring the troops home and honor them for their sacrifice.


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