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Paul and Maher…

I confess: I subscribe to Bill Maher’s podcast on HBO. I realize, Maher is an atheist and despises Christian morality, but Maher makes sense once in a while. According to Maher, Ron Paul is his new hero and as a result he is bringing Ron Paul to California to be a part of the panel of three on his show. Believe it or not, Ben Affleck will be seated next to the future president of the United States, Ron Paul (hope never dies).

The very first thing you see when you subscribe to Maher’s podcast is the word: EXPLICIT. Maher’s language is a bit strong and the sexual innuendos abound throughout the show, but I bear it, not because I like it, but because when you dig around the filth you find some nuggets of truth. Those nuggets that you do not hear in FOX or CNN. Nuggets like, “we have to leave Iraq immediately” or “Ron Paul makes more sense than the Democrats and Republicans combined”, or “The Drug war has failed, let’s re-think this strategy.” Frankly, I am not so sure how Paul will do tomorrow night. Here you have these trained comedians with their one liners and then there is Ron Paul who enjoys beginning conversations with: ” The Constitution of the United States says…” Hey Bill, let the man talk…then you will see how much sense he really makes.


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