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Ron Paul answered Giuliani long ago…

Video: People say to Ron Paul: “We gotta go over there and fight them there because we do not want them here. Paul says there is a great fallacy to that logic, mainly because they came over here because we were over there…there is one reason why the enemy, and they are our enemies, want to kill us and that is “occupation…” We tell people you either do it our way or we will bomb you; when they do it our way we subsidize them; how about avoiding both: neither bomb nor subsidize, but trade with them…one of our problems has been that we have had presidents that want to do too much…but the answer is that we should have a strong president, strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that the president shouldn’t have.” –Ron Paul

New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Feb. 2007


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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul answered Giuliani long ago…

  1. Dave on said:

    Nicely put! Giuliani is a word twisting piece of S**t, playing on his 911 role like he is some kind of hero. If he knows so much about security how come his city was hit?

  2. ronpaul08 on said:

    wow, I wouldn’t put in those words, but I agree with what you mean by them. At any rate, as I have written elsewhere, it has brought Ron Paul to the front of the major news in the country.

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