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Ron Paul on Dennis Miller

I have just heard Ron Paul’s interview with Dennis Miller (the libertarian who defends the war). Dennis was gracious and allowed Ron to share his positions articulately. For that I am thankful. One of my curiosities regards the issue of the Constitution. No one ever challenges the unconstitutionality of a congress giving that right over to a president. If it is wrong, you do not perpetuate a wrong, you make it right-and you do so by bringing the troops home. Incidentally, I heard Governor Bill Richardson on Meet the Press argue taht we should take that authority away from the president and give it back to where it belongs – Congress.  (Of course, Richardson has changed his mind so many times that no one takes him seriously and no one should) This is Paul’s message. Dennis Miller told Ron Paul that he believes American troops will be in the Middle East for another 50-70 years battling Radical Islam. It appears Miller wants to spread the war all over the Middle East. What is he expecting? That 50 years from now they will suddenly all stop and say: “Hey, we love American foreign policy. Let us stop this war and love one another. ” How absurd of Mr. Miller!

The best option is to do what Ron Paul has talked about for over 4 years and that is to bring the troops home and honor them for their sacrifice.

Favorable Article…

I have to mention this excellent article in the National Review On-line about Ron Paul.

Then, if you have another 10 minutes, see this excellent video by John Stossel several years ago defending the only man in Congress who stands up to Constitutional Principles.

Video Link 

Ron Paul at Bill Maher

I saw the clip with Paul at Bill Maher and look forward hearing the entire program when it is uploaded into the podcast. After the interview Maher said he had never heard so much applause for a republican in his show before. Maher was gracious and allowed Ron Paul to share his position. Even Ben Affleck seemed to look with admiration at Ron Paul. Paul was bold enough to tell the audience that Rudy (or “Rude” as Rockwell prefers) is probably reading the assignment he gave him on foreign policy. Keep it up Paul!

In the Name of Patriotism (Who are the Patriots?)

The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George.  I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power.  The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility, and out of self interest — for himself, his family, and the future of his country — to resist government abuse of power.  He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state. — Ron Paul

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Paul and Maher…

I confess: I subscribe to Bill Maher’s podcast on HBO. I realize, Maher is an atheist and despises Christian morality, but Maher makes sense once in a while. According to Maher, Ron Paul is his new hero and as a result he is bringing Ron Paul to California to be a part of the panel of three on his show. Believe it or not, Ben Affleck will be seated next to the future president of the United States, Ron Paul (hope never dies).

The very first thing you see when you subscribe to Maher’s podcast is the word: EXPLICIT. Maher’s language is a bit strong and the sexual innuendos abound throughout the show, but I bear it, not because I like it, but because when you dig around the filth you find some nuggets of truth. Those nuggets that you do not hear in FOX or CNN. Nuggets like, “we have to leave Iraq immediately” or “Ron Paul makes more sense than the Democrats and Republicans combined”, or “The Drug war has failed, let’s re-think this strategy.” Frankly, I am not so sure how Paul will do tomorrow night. Here you have these trained comedians with their one liners and then there is Ron Paul who enjoys beginning conversations with: ” The Constitution of the United States says…” Hey Bill, let the man talk…then you will see how much sense he really makes.

How to end the War?

By Ron Paul 

Many of my colleagues, faced with the reality that the war in Iraq is not going well, line up to place all the blame on the president. The president “mismanaged” the war, they say. “It’s all the president’s fault,” they claim. In reality, much of the blame should rest with Congress, which shirked its constitutional duty to declare war and instead told the president to decide for himself whether or not to go to war.

More than four years into that war, Congress continues to avoid its constitutional responsibility to exercise policy oversight, particularly considering the fact that the original authorization no longer reflects the reality on the ground in Iraq.

According to the original authorization (Public Law 107-243) passed in late 2002, the president was authorized to use military force against Iraq to achieve the following two specific objectives only:

“(1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and

(2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq”

I was highly critical of the resolution at the time, because I don’t think the United States should ever go to war to enforce United Nations resolutions. I was also skeptical of the claim that Iraq posed a “continuing threat” to the United States.

As it turned out, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no al-Qaeda activity, and no ability to attack the United States. Regardless of this, however, when we look at the original authorization for the use of force it is clearly obvious that our military has met both objectives. Our military very quickly removed the regime of Saddam Hussein, against whom the United Nations resolutions were targeted. A government approved by the United States has been elected in post-Saddam Iraq, fulfilling the first objective of the authorization. Read more…

Ron Paul answered Giuliani long ago…

Video: People say to Ron Paul: “We gotta go over there and fight them there because we do not want them here. Paul says there is a great fallacy to that logic, mainly because they came over here because we were over there…there is one reason why the enemy, and they are our enemies, want to kill us and that is “occupation…” We tell people you either do it our way or we will bomb you; when they do it our way we subsidize them; how about avoiding both: neither bomb nor subsidize, but trade with them…one of our problems has been that we have had presidents that want to do too much…but the answer is that we should have a strong president, strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that the president shouldn’t have.” –Ron Paul

New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Feb. 2007

Yes, even Arianna can be right once in a while…

Arianna Huffington affirms that Giuliani “deliberately misinterpreted” Ron Paul on the debate.

Apologize Giuliani…

Paul is unbelievable here… his position is provable and accurate. Ron Paul 1 x Giuliani 0.

“I will be delighted to debate him (Giuliani) on foreign policy…” –Ron Paul

(quoted in the presence of the despicable Sean Hannity) 

The Ron Paul Revolution continues…

Ron Paul clearly won MSNBC’s poll again. Will the media notice it this time?  Anthony Gregory writes:

Not only did he stand up against the New York fascist and not back down, only elaborating on the point beautifully, he did the best any candidate could possibly do in a debate in service of liberty: He spoke to the people telling them we need to change our ideas about the world. We need to think about actions and consequences. We need to look at what our government does to other people, thinking of what we might think if foreign governments treated Americans like that. We need to look at history a bit. It was a philosophical earthquake, and one that no doubt made a lot of people think. It was amazing.

And Lew Rockwell adds:

The maddening FOX debate is still going on, but Ron Paul has already won far more than that by calmly and eloquently speaking truth to power. His call for getting rid of the Departments of Education, Energy, and Homeland Security was magnificent, when the others couldn’t name one federal typewriter they would sell-off.

But Ron’s persuasive (if not to the fascist Giuliani and the brownshirts in the audience) discussion of the immorality of US intervention in the Middle East, and the hatred and blowback it has caused, was one of the great moments in the history of modern American politics.

Let me add at least two comments of my own:

a) Ron Paul is never questioned on flip-flopping. His positions are so consistent that every time the moderator asks a question it speaks about why Ron Paul is running in the Republican ticket? The implication is: “Look, all these guys want to stay in Iraq; most have changed their position on abortion, education, and everything else under the sun; so why on earth would you run in a party when you are so committed to the Constitution and human liberty? At least, that’s how I see it.

b) I want to thank Rudy Giuliani for responding to Ron Paul. Because of your stern answer and your earnest (I know you are earnest) desire to continue to see our war efforts succeed in Iraq, and in the rest of the Middle East, and soon the rest of the world, you have made Ron Paul the leader in almost every poll in the internet and on the media. Further, you have established that Ron Paul is the only candidate that truly believes that American troops belong in America, not throughout the world, and that an aggressive foreign policy is a deadly foreign policy. I thank you Rudy.

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